Written by Nero

26 Jun 2004

We had been married several years by now. We were happier than we had ever been. All because my gorgious Spanish wife was really satisfied. And if She is happy then so am I.

So we decided to re affirm our marriage vows.

So there I stood in the 'church' waiting for my wife to walk up the aisle a second time for me. The 'Vicar' smiled. I looked round and saw her framed in the open door. The light shone through her flimsy dress. Her beautiful body completely naked under neath the sheer white material except for white stockings and of course a garter.

She walked slowly towards me. Once she was standing next to me the vicar began to conduct the ceremony.

The congregation watched eagerly. Many of the ladies were also wearing rather revealing clothes though most of the guys wore suits.

..."You may kiss the Bride."

I did. A long lingering kiss. I felt my cock harden as she rubbed it. Her nipples stiffen against me. Then she pushed away from me and turned around and let her dress fall away. Several men approached and I watched as they kissed and fondled her. She gave herself to them. Fingers probed between her legs. Their clothes came off.

I watched my wife as she sucked one cock while another guy pushed his inside her from behind. As soon as she had swallowed the first guys cum the second began pumping harder till he came too. Now she was on her back and another quickly began fucking her wet pussy.

I watched and watched. I wanted her to get so much cock. And while I did other couples began their own partying.

My cock ached it was so hard. Her body glistened from sweat. Her legs opened to reveal the globs of white spunk dripping from deep within her. Then another guy would start screwing her. She moaned and cried. She screamed and gasped. Orgasms rippled through her.

After an hour or so of this orgy she stood. White juices ran down her face and legs. She was so beautiful in her ravaged state. She smelt so strongly of sex. Of spunk. Red marks adorned her skin. Her hair was wild and also wet in places. "Take me now and clean me Babe." I took her face in my hands and gently kissed the drops, licking her mouth, kissing her, probing with my tongue. Tasting the salty juices.

We went to a room. There I stripped and began to lick her body clean. Her pussy was so swollen. The lips red. It was full. I licked and swallowed. She moaned. I placed my cock, so hard, against her and pushed in. She clawed my back. I fucked and fucked her. Ramming my cock into her despite her pleas that it was already very well fucked. She screamed and cried. Her body shook one last time as I felt the fire rise up my shaft and shoot deep into her before collapsing ontop of my wonderful Spanish Tart.