Written by Anon

8 Jan 2019

A few years ago, after lots of discussion, usually in bed, about the possibility of ‘involving a third person’ in our sex life, my wife J and I decided to see if we could make it happen.

At that time we were both in our mid 40’s, kids grown up and no longer dependant on us, so we had a bit more freedom to do what we wanted.

Our main problem was who to involve.

We thought of our circle of friends, but decided against that as the possibility of ‘embarrassing situations’ was too great.

We had then, and still do have, ‘respectable’ jobs, so that ruled out people we knew from work.

Neither of us had the courage to try sites such as this, other than to read the stories.

It became somewhat frustrating.

But then we got an invite to the wedding of a cousin of J’s; the upshot of this was that we were able to put our thoughts into action and J’s ended up being fucked against a tree in the grounds of the hotel by a guy who was some connection to the groom.

According to her it was a quick fumble, and lasted only a few minutes, and while she enjoyed the ‘buzz’ of the situation, it had left her somewhat ‘non committal’ on future events.

However, as time passed, we went to more weddings, and we became ‘more experienced’.

J would set the pace, usually a bit of flirting with male guests at our table and depending on their responses, would then take things further.

On average we went to 3 weddings each year, and most times, J ended up by screwing another guest.

Most times, I was not present when the activity was taking place, as J found it easier to get men between her legs if they thought they were screwing her behind my back. How little they knew!

On the odd occasion I was present, I found it intensely erotic, particularly when her ‘guest’ had finished, and I was able to enjoy the sensation of fucking her spunk filled cunt.

Our wedding games provided us with a lot of fun and amusement, however, I would like to tell in more detail the events of one the most recent events.

It was during the hot summer of last year, and we’d been invited to the evening reception of a work colleague of J’s.

It was the groom’s second wedding, and there were a fair number of guests there who were friends of the groom’s eldest son, who was serving in the Army. The son and his friends were all in their best uniform, and I think it was this that caught J’s eye, especially as three of them were sat on our table.

I looked at these three young men, and wondered which one J would end up choosing.

I did my usual thing, pretending to be unaware of what was happening as she flirted and chatted with them.

I occasionally went outside to give her chance to be more suggestive.

As the night wore on, she became more drunk, giggly and suggestive, which was how she operated.

By about 11.00pm, she came outside looking rather flushed, but with a wide smile on her face; she told me that she’d arranged it, and that he was ok with me being there, and he’d come to our room at about midnight!

I asked who it was, and as I guessed, it was one of the soldiers.

I could feel my heart starting to race at the prospect of watching my wife fucking, and suggested that we go up to the room now.

She nodded in agreement, and we went off towards our room, J stopping briefly by her chosen one to tell him that she’d be ready in ten minutes.

We got to the room, J went to the loo, while I got a drink and sat down in the chair positioned so as to get the best view.

Shortly after, there was a soft knock at the door, and J went to open it.

I heard a male voice speaking quietly, but then I heard her say, “oh, it’s not what I’d planned”, with more quiet speaking; J then came back in, looking rather flustered, followed by her guest.

Her guest immediately started kissing her, and groping her ample boobs and backside, while she rapidly started to unbutton him.

Her dress was hauled up to her waist, and she was turned round, bent over so she had lean on the bed with her hands.

Her knickers were unceremoniously yanked down, and her guest dropped his trousers and boxers, revealing a very hard looking cock, which with no finesses was thrust hard into her.

Her response was a loud “oh my God!” followed by gasps as he started to fuck her hard, each thrust causing a loud slap as his thighs connected with her backside, sending ripples across her cheeks.

I looked at J’s face; eyes half closed, mouth open.

Her tits, barely restrained by the dress, were doing their best to move in time with each thrust.

I was transfixed, but was then dragged back from what was happening in front of me by another knock on the door.

I was half tempted to ignore it, but the knocking continued.

J plainly was too busy to answer it, so I went to the door, opened it slightly in a attempt to lessen the noise of my wife receiving a hard cock, and looked out to the hall.

I saw the other two soldiers who’d been on our table.

“Alright? We’re looking for our mate”

“Er, yes. He’s rather busy at the moment......”

“Yeah, we thought he would be.”

It was then I heard the distinctive sound of my wife reaching orgasm, closely followed by a low gasp from her guest.

I looked round to see him pull out of her, and a long jet of spunk erupt from his cock, and splash onto my wife’s bare arse.

She then went forward onto the bed, lying face down, her knickers hanging off her right foot, legs apart, with cum now starting to run off her reddened cheeks onto the bed and down her crack.

Her guest then “alright, boys? Have a look a this!”

Before I could say anything, the other two eased the door open, and walked in.

I hurriedly shut the door, and saw my wife was now on all fours on the bed, legs now been spread further, showing her cunt in all its used glory, being fingered by one of the two who’d just walked in.

The one who had fucked her had now stripped off, and was busy undoing J’s zip at the back of her dress.

She raised herself onto just her knees; the dress was lifted over her head, her bra was removed letting her DD boobs free.

The other two guys then stripped off and joined their mate and J on the bed.

I felt unable to speak as I watched them position her on her back, with a hard cock being pushed into her mouth, another between her legs, while the first guy worked busily at her nipples.

For the next 45 minutes, they all worked on her, moving her into different positions so they could all take turns at getting inside her.

She was being flipped around like a doll, sometimes on her side, sometimes on her back, but mostly on her front, either flat on the bed, or her arse up in the air as they took turns to fuck her from behind. They were not rough with her, just firm.

She came twice to my knowledge, but after that just seemed resigned to just fucking them.

One of them, while being sucked off by J, then said “15 minutes before the taxi gets here”, and they started to remove themselves from the bed and J.

J stood up and moved in front of them, taking each cock in turn and squeezing it, before saying “none of you have come in me yet. Don’t leave me empty!”

They looked at each other; J then said “come on, one after the other”.

She climbed back onto the bed, lay on her back, legs spread wide, holding her cunt open and told them to get in her.

The first one, the guest so to speak, then took hold of her ankles and rolled her onto her belly, before lifting her arse up.

He then got behind her, and started to his cock into her gaping pussy.

She encouraged him to get it all the way in, but he just seemed intent on moving his knob round just inside her.

She now demanded he put it in, but he carried on gently moving just the tip of his cock in and out of her.

She started to move about, but her held her tight, his hands on her waist, before withdrawing his now glistening end and rubbing it on her tight bum hole.

Now, in all the times J had played with someone else, she had never done anal with them, so I fully expected her to object to what he was doing.

But no, she reached behind her and started to ease it into her.

She shook her head, saying she was too dry.

She then looked at me, and told me make her wet.

I fetched the tube of lube that we always took with us, and smeared a big blob of it over her tight hole.

No sooner had I done this, and moved back to my seat, then the cock was pushed slowly but firmly up her.

She moaned loudly, as he started to fuck her backside, with long slow strokes.

I watched intently as she took this length up her. I have had J like this before, but to watch my wife’s backside being stretched by another man was something else!

He gradually got faster, and then with one slow push, went all the way in, stayed there, and with a slight jerk, shot his load up her.

She gasped, and collapsed onto the bed as he pulled out of her.

If J thought that was the end of it, as I did, we were wrong.

The second guy got onto the bed, lifted J back into position and pushed his cock up her bum, a bit quicker this time as the previous leavings made it easier. His strokes were quicker and it wasn’t long before he’d added his lot before withdrawing, strings of sperm now starting to run from her.

I then realised that the two that weren’t fucking were busy with their phones, snapping pictures of my wife’s backside.

The third one took position and this time there was no finesse.

He was in quickly, hands on her arse cheeks spreading them wide, stretching her open and fucking her now not quite so tight hole like a piston.

J was gasping, trying hard to keep herself upright, as phones were held close to the cock now pummelling her; white spunky foam now oozing out around the shaft in her.

This went on for what seemed like ages, before one last big thrust and yet another load of cum spurted deep inside her.

He pulled out and they all began to get dressed quickly, saying they didn’t want to miss the taxi.

I looked down at J, lying on her side, spunk running from behind her bum cheeks onto the bed.

All I could say was “the pictures”.

“Don’t worry mate, we’ll send them to you”

“But her face?”

“We’ve only got fuck shots, to show the lads at barracks. They won’t know who she is.”

He gave me his number, and they then all left.

I looked at J, and asked if she was ok.

“My poor bum! It’s feels so stretched! I didn’t plan that, honestly! It was just meant to be the one, but I got carried away. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, if you enjoyed it, that’s all that matters”

She gave a faint smile, and asked if I’d enjoyed it.

I nodded, and asked what it had felt like.

J said that at first it hurt, but the third one had gone in so easily.

I asked if I could have a look; she stood up and walked over to where I was sat, faced away from me and bent over.

I put my hands on her cheeks and gently spread them. Her sphincter looked red and puffed up, it spasmed a couple of times, letting cum dribble out.

I moved my hand down and gently pushed a finger in.

J moved slightly but pushed back against it, saying it felt like her bum was on fire.

I removed my finger, got hold of the lube and gently smeared it on her stinging bum.

She sighed, saying it felt like it was cooling down.

I commented that I still couldn’t believe that she’d just had three men at once, and especially let them anally fuck her one after the other.

She just let out a tired giggle.

I continued to rub lube onto her bum, before using my other hand to finger her cunt.

I could feel her starting to move against my fingers; she commented that she need to come again before sleep.

I patted her bum and told her to get onto the bed.

She stood up, moved to the bed and lay down.

I stripped off, finally allowing my cock free. My balls were aching and needed to be emptied.

I took my phone from the pocket of my jacket, and moved to the bed.

J rolled onto her front and lifted her bum, saying I could have her bum tonight as well if I wanted.

I moved behind her, gently easing my cock past her ring into her back passage.

The combination of lube and three loads of spunk made it easy to enter her, although being gentle was the best way here.

I turned my phone to the camera, took a picture of my cock in J’s bum, and sent it to the number the guy had given me, with a message of ‘finishing what you started’.

I then fucked J gently, feeling her fingers starting to play with her clit, before she clenched muscles round my shaft and gave into a long intense orgasm. This caused me to send my load into her, before relaxing and pulling out.

J flopped onto the bed and immediately fell asleep.

My phone buzzed, and I saw a message containing the photos of the guys fucking my wife’s arse, with a message saying “we’re happy to help out again if you want”.

I replied saying we’d think about it.

I then fell asleep next to J.

I showed her the message and pictures in the morning; she was worried at first, in case her face was showing, but realised that she couldn’t be recognised.

She sent a message back saying that she was still a bit sore, but had thoroughly enjoyed it, saying that their offer was kind and she would be very interested.

Since then, we have been to another do where she screwed someone, but she said that the ‘group’ was hard to beat.

The guys were sent on deployment not long after that night, but J has been keeping contact with them by email, explaining in detail her previous exploits; ‘keeping their morale up’ she calls it, and I would think that there could well be a repeat of the three of them fucking my 50 year old wife at some point when they return.

We still find it highly amusing to think that all of those who know us have no idea that the ordinary looking, ‘normal everyday’ woman that is my wife has one night stands, dropping her knickers and spreading her legs for men she has picked up and one occasion entertained 3 young men to the point they filled her backside with cum.

Enjoy life, folks.