Written by JT

25 May 2004

Several years ago the daughter of one of the ladies I was working with was getting married and a few of us from work were invited to the evening do. I had always got on well with her and accepted the invitation. At the time I was 26 and she was 46.

When I arrived my friend was mingling amongst the guests and looking terrific in her black dress. When she came over to me I offered her a drink and we went over to the bar, a small room alongside the main room. We sat for a while with a drink and I told her how great she looked. She was pleased as her husband had never said anything to her about it.

I offered her another drink and she said to make it a quick one as they had rented a room in the hotel and she was nipping up to freshen up. I joked that I'd join her, she smiled and whispered "you're welcome to, be in room 509 in 10 minutes", finished her drink and left.

Thinking she was joking I thought there's nothing lost in going up. My heart was pounding as I walked to the room. As I got to the door I noticed it was slightly open and tapping on it opened it slowly. She shouted to come in.

She walked over to me and kissed me passionately. Squeezing me tightly and kissing me she started to pull off my clothes. I was kissing her neck and lowering the straps of her dress. Before long I was undoing her bra and sucking her nipples. She slowly knelt down undoing my trousers and pulling down my boxers. Her hand stroking my cock she started to lick it and then slowly take it in her mouth. Her tits were rubbing against my legs as she was sucking the hell out of me.

I pulled her head away and pulled her to her feet, her dress falling to the floor. Her body was even better than I imagined, she was still in great shape. I threw her onto the bed and slowly pulled down her knickers. Grabbing hold of her legs I started to lick her warm, wet pussy. Her moans became louder and her breathing quickened as her body shuddered and tensed. Her back arched to push herself against my face.

I couldn't wait any longer and lifted myself onto her and slid my cock into her. Her pussy muscles gripped me as I thrust slowly at first then faster and harder. Soon we were in different positions getting more intense. Finally, she was riding me for all she was worth. Her tits bouncing, hips thrusting as I shot my load into her. We fell exhausted into each other.

We held each other and kissed for a while, then I got dressed again and rejoined the party and 10 minutes or so later so did she.

We met up again a few more times but I'll never forget that first night.