Written by Kieron

23 Feb 2005

Jo, my wife, is 12 years younger than me (20 years old) and can NEVER get enough sex. Because of our age difference she agreed to marry me on the understanding I would not `stall my sexual adventures' as she put it. Trust me, when you have a blond haired, brown eyed babe with 36cc tits you don't say no!

Anyway, this story recounts our wedding night last August. Having retired to our hotel after the reception Jo, dressed in a pearl basque, lace topped hold ups and elbow length silk gloves kept me at an arms distance when she reminded me of our agreement. Absolutely gagging to get inside her I pleaded with her to do whatever she wanted.

Stunned, I watched as she picked up her mobile, rang a number and said `come on, room 11'. Minutes later a knock came on the door, which I opened to find two young black guys with Cheshire Cat grins on their faces. `We're here to do your missus' said James who walked in quickly followed by Aris.

I turned to find Jo laid on her back, legs apart, stroking herself between her legs with her silk gloves, eyes rolling.

The lads quickly got undressed and, although not massively endowed they were both quite impressive.

Jo's eyes were on stalks as she took Aris in her mouth, James dropping down between her legs and his tongue replacing her hand. Very soon she was moaning like I don't know what.

I almost flopped into the hotel chair, gasping with wonder at what I was seeing.

It wasn't long before she was flipped onto her front and I sat, manhood in hand as James slid his shiny tool inside her. Sucking on Aris like there was no tomorrow Jo continued to moan and groan in delight at her Wedding Night bliss.

Astounded, I watched as Aris came all over her face. She scooped his juice up with her fingers and licked her gloves dry, then, unbelievably she continued to rub the wet end of his manhood all over her face saying `I'm a cumslt, I\m a cumslt'. Seeing and hearing this I heard James let out a groan as he came inside her. Then, pulling out of her he rubbed his wet end up and down her cheeks.

The reversed positions a while later then, about 2 hours after arriving they left the room - with even bigger smiles on their faces!

For the rest of the night Jo was like an animal and I, was completely knackered by the time we fell asleep.

Later she told me how she had arranged the meet via this site as a special treat for me - and wow! what a treat it was.

Anyway, true to our agreement I have allowed Jo her freedom and since last August she has enjoyed 27 other guys! She (charitably!) limits herself to one a week and has set herself the target of 500 by the time she is 30! What on earth have I married?!