Written by lesley

28 Nov 2003

It was only a couple of days after tht we managed to have my boyfriends parents house to ourselves and were able to put Jims advice to good effect. I felt much more comfortable in front of the camera and happily took up more raunchy poses with Gary's encouragement. The effect on him was as per usual and the session ended with an extremely vigourous fuck on the lounge carpet. As Gary dropped me off at home he said he was going to drop the film at Jims for developing straight away. I couldn't help but wonder what Jim would thinkof them but I hoped he would approve.

Waiting at the bus stop later in the week Jim pulled up in his car and offered me a lift into town. As he didn't mention the photos I asked him whether he had printed them yet. He said he had made a contact sheet for us to select the best shots from and was going to invite us round on Friday to do this."But are they any good" ? I asked. "You looked really sexy " he replied "but I doubt Gary will ever be a good photographer. "I suppose you coulddo better" I laughed.

He looked serious and said that he could. He persuaded me to go to his house and showed me the contact sheet of the photos. It felt a bit strange discussing the pictures of myself with a relative stranger as well as a man older than my dad, but he kept everything proper and then showed me someofthe photos he had taken of other models. They were really classy and even though as Jim said my figure was better than most of the girls his ability with the camera made all the difference. He told me that he was entering a competition in the Amateur Photographer and had booked a model from an agency in London but then jokingly said unless you fancy doing it. "I dont know "I said "What Gary would say about me posing for anyone else. "I'll ask him" said Jim " and we'll keep this litle visit our secret".