Written by lesley

30 Nov 2003

On the evening of my secret visit to Jim's Gary picked me up to go for a drink. He said we were invited to Jims Friday night to check out the pictures we had taken. But he must be impressed as he wants you to model for a special competition.I effected to be surprised and reluctant about being naked in front of Jim. But Gary reasured me that Jim was professional in his approach and only interested in me because I was a good subject. In any case, he said he 's well over fifty and probably can't get it up.

When we told Jim on Friday that I was happy to model for him. Both he and his wife seemed really pleased. You'll give Jim a good chance of winning. She said a new model always helps and not being under the time constraint of a paid for studio and model is great.

We talked about the pictures he wanted to take Classic nudes in light and shadow he said but if you want to bring some bits and pieces I could take some sexy glamour pictures at the end for you and Gay to keep. Jim told me it ws important on the day of the session not to wear any tight fitting clothing which would would leave marks on my skin which would show up under the lights. He also askd and I blushed at this, if I could trim my pubic hair to make the outline of, he called it "your sex" more distinct in the photos. We agreed a time on an afternoon the following week and said our goodnights.

Wednesday came and I was really nervous and excited as I waited for Jim to collect me. I had trimmed my pubes shwered and generally gone to town as though on a special date even finishig off with a lavish amount of perfume a over.I had a bag of my sexiest outfits for some pictures at the end of the afternoon. Jim's car appeared out side and off we went to a studio somewhere in town.It belonged he said to the local camera club. He had a key and there was no one else there at all. It was warm and while jim set up the lights and the props I layed out my outfits on table to see which Jim would think was ok.

"I think i'm ready to begin now" said Jim "are you".OK Isaid though my mouth was dry. Although he had seen my photo's this was very different. Only Gary and one other young bloke had seen me without my clothes on since I was a kid. I lifted up the loose dress I had been wearing and pulled it over my head and stood in front of him totally nude. "Perfect"said Jim and walked round to inspect me properly. "You have a fantastic body, Gary's a lucky bloke". "Lets get started