Written by Hornyboy

12 May 2004

I just have to share this with you all as we all know how boring weddings can generally be. The usual venues, the stereotypical DJ spinning cheesy songs from the 80's and of course listening to the droning speeches from hell!

Anyway .. my wedding experience recently was slightly better for a change. My mate Carl was getting hitched to his wife Karen and I was best man. Now I'd done all the usual best man duties in the lead up and that included the speech which went down better than I had expected - down being the operative word.

After the speech had finished, I excused myself from wife and our friends as I needed some fresh air to cool down after the proceedings. I duely dissappeared outside into the garden of the victorian house the do was held in.

I was lying on a bench in a small alcove sheltered from view of the gardens when suddenly I heard a voice. "Does it make you feel like a big man when you are speaking to so many people like that?" she said .. she as I looked up happened to be Carl's little sister Mel.

"err, well that depends on what you mean by big" I replied.

"well" as she sat down beside me ... "I mean ... does the whole experience make you feel big" then stroking her hand across my meat and 2 veg area. I instantly knew that she was up for fun - so I replied "well, in a way yes, very big, did you feel horny listening to me then" .. as I slid my hand up her skirt and towards what turned out to be a beautifully shaven haven!

All of a sudden she pushed me back down on the bench and pulled open my flies and started wanking me furiously. I stood to attention in a split second if you know what I mean and she wasted no time in feeding my length into her warm mouth. She sucked my member like no-one else ever has - down to the hilt and it wasn't long before I came furiously - she swallowed the lot!

"Now she said - before we go back in and fall asleep at the bar - I want you to fuck me hard!" ... I needed no second invitation .. the turn on of the fresh air, the risk of being seen by another guest and with my wife inside who isn't into swinging all spurring me on. Mel, having instigated this whole affair was clearly enjoying being in the driving seat as she took out a condom from her purse and used her mouth to put it on my now aching dick. Once done, she climed on top of me and started bucking for all her life.

She thrust her wet fanny hard down on the base of my cock quietly moaning to herself as she rode me. We were at it for around 10 minutes when she suddenly climbed off of me after coming three times furiously.

"And to finish" she said ... "I want you to fuck me in the arse" ... I hadn't yet come again and to hear this was music to my ears .. (and trust me, it wasn't like any of the cheesy 80's hits the DJ was spinning no doubt back at the reception!!!) .... She stood up, turned her back to me and thrust her ass in the air .. With her right hand - she took off the condom to my surprise saying she wanted to feel my warm cum in her arse-hole! ...

Without further ado, I plunged my manhood slowly into her crack and was amazed how easily it went it - she was obviously very excited and had previous experience. She sighed deeply as I entered her - and slowly I made sure she was totally satisfied in every way .. she came twice more as I slid in and out of her butt hole.

Suddenly I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I was gonna cum. I told her she was about to get her wish and with that she thrust her bum back towards me making me spirt my hot spunk right up her crack. As I drew out, I could see my love liquid dripping out her arse and down towards her lovely bald cunt. Mel used hand fingers to wipe some up and turned to me licking them one by one.

"now that's better than wedding cake - anyday!" she sighed. My god, she was fantastic ... she said she had wanted to fuck me from the day we first met but didn't think I would like her ... how wrong she was! ...

Since the wedding day - we have met up a few times, always outdoors as it seems to give her a rush she says she doesn't get in her bedroom with her fella ... Every time we meet she wants it in the ass and quite often wants me to fuck her sopping wet fanny and then spray my juice in her face ...

She really is a dirty little slut and I'd wish I could meet more like her ... So, if you are a horny girl who loves it outdoors and you live in Kent .. why not get in touch with me and we could make non-cheesy 80's wedding music together! ...

Thanks for reading - more tales coming soon I hope. E-mail me direct if you want.