Written by Karen

1 Jan 2007

There were 3 or 4 couples we always hung around with after college. Jim and his wife were always the wild sex people. Before they married they were always trying to get one of us or another to spend the weekend with them and would always try to end up swinging with that couple.

Paul, my husband and I would always resist them since I never wanted to get into that type of behaviour. However, I knew from the way Jim leered at me and the suggestions he made to my husband that there was no doubt he would love to get into my panties.

A couple years later we all got together for one of the last weddings of our college group. It was a hot summer night and the drinks were flowing like water. I had a pretty low tolerance and was pretty well drunk in a short while. Jim kept eyeing me and I admit I thought a lot about the stories I'd heard of his sexual prowess and the big cock he was supposed to have. He asked me to dance and we spent a good deal of time on the dance floor. everyone in our crowd was having a great time and no one missed us, so we just kept dancing. The slow set started and Jim got a bit bolder. I had a little summer shift on, a thin bra and skimpy bikini panties. I hadn't started to shave down there yet but I kept it neatly trimmed. He started rubbing up against me and in no time I could feel that the stories I'd heard about his cock being quite large were true. He was rubbing my back and sliding his hands up the sides of my breasts, making the nipples ache to be touched. He put his leg between mine and started rubbing that big cock up against my little panty covered pussy. God I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as he slid his hand down my front and started to rub my mound through my dress and panties. I was going out of my mind and I asked him to stop, I said 'please Jim, everyone can see us', he just laughed and said 'Karen, I've wanted to do this for a long time and no one is going to stop me now'. he squeezed my pussy and said, 'now, go into the bathroom and take your panties off. Then bring them to me.' I was in a daze and marched myself into the ladies room and reached under my dress and pried my little pink panties away from my gooey snatch and peeled them down my legs. I balled them up in my hand and went back to Jim.

He held out his hand and I gave him my panties. He put them in his pocket, took my hand and led me outside. I tried to resist because I knew what would happen if I went outside with him. He wouldn't take no for an answer and away we went.

We went out into the parking lot to my husband's car. Jim put me up against the side and started to kiss me. God I thought I was going to faint! He had my bra unhooked and his hand all over my pantyless pussy in a flash. He took my hand and put it on his cock, telling me, ' ok Karen take it out now and give it a little kiss'. He expected me to suck his cock! I was appalled, my husband was his good friend, what was I to do? Well, I did unzip him and take it out and it was a beautiful big, thick, uncut cock and I couldn't take my eyes off it. ' now get on your knees and suck it good for me, Karen. I know Paul doesn't have anything like this,does he?'. 'no, Jim he doesn't', as i took the big purple head into my mouth. He held my head and fucked my mouth for a few minutes. I was surpassed when he said, 'here it cums Karen, take it in your mouth'. He had my head in his hand and he just fed me the biggest load I'd ever taken. I tried to take it all, but it ran out of my mouth and all over the front of my dress.

He then opened the door and pushed me inside. In a second I was on my back and taking that big cock up inside me. I wasn't using any birth control at the time and I asked Jim 'please don't cum inside me, I don't want to get pregnant.' He just laughed and when the time came, he just pushed that big cock up inside my womb and empties his balls inside me. It felt like a firehose going off, I was cumming and cumming. Wave after wave after wave. Finally when we crawled out of the car, I could barely stand. We walked back to the reception and when we faced my husband Jim said ' Karen, show Paul what I did to you.' I lifted up my dress and the look on his face told me that he could see the matted pussy hair and swollen lips of my pussy, Oozing Jim's cum and it running down my legs in globs. He handed my panties to my husband and said 'better clean her up'. I had it all over my dress and must have smelled like the slut I turned out to be that night. But, you know what, I'd take my panties down for him again any time he asked.