Written by Dan

28 Feb 2004

This is a true story which happened a couple of years ago. My wife Tina and I went away for a weekend with another couple, Mick and Laura. On the Saturday evening we stayed in the hotel for a meal and drinks. Tina is a 5’4” blonde (size 10) and wore black stockings & suspenders, black thong and bra, black cocktail dress and high heel mules. She looked stunning.

We were all flirting throughout the night and at about midnight decided to go back to our room to continue drinking. Mick and Tina sat on the bed while his wife Laura and I sat on a chair (her on my knee). Mick was gently rubbing Tina’s leg as I watched out of the corner of my eye. After several more whiskies the conversation got round to sex, with Mick and I arguing playfully about which wife had the best tits. To settle the argument we asked the girls to show us. Tina took the shoulders off her dress while Laura took off her top to show us their bras. We said we couldn’t tell so after much persuasion they took off their bras. Mick and I both enjoyed the view before they put their clothes back on.

After about another hour Laura said she was tired and wanted to go back to their room. Mick asked if he was OK to stay for a while as he had just started another drink, to which she said she didn’t mind. I offered to escort Laura back to her room. Once there we kissed passionately, and both had a good feel, before I left to return to the other room.

When I got back, Mick and Tina were both still sitting on the bed. Mick said Tina had great tits, and could he have another, better look. Tina was a little nervous, but I said it was OK. She again took the shoulders off her dress and removed her bra. Mick looked for a while, then reached over and tweaked her nipple. I said to Tina that she may as well take off her dress, so she stood up and let it fall to the ground. She stood there in just her black stockings & suspenders, thong and mules. Mick said she was absolutely gorgeous as Tina sat back on the bed, up against the headboard. I sat on the chair looking over. After a few seconds I suggested that she may as well take of her thong. She arched up her legs and did so, giving Mick and me a great view of her pussy. Mick then slid up the bed and started to kiss Tina, before sliding down and sucking her tits. He did this for a while before Tina asked him to remove his trousers. He did then carried on sucking her tits. She was rubbing his cock through his underpants before she released it into the open. By this time Mick had positioned himself so that he could lick Tina’s pussy whilst she slowly wanked him. Mick licked her out for ages before Tina got up on her knees and started to suck his cock, wanking him furiously as she did so. Mick asked if he could fuck her, but she said no as we had no condoms with us. As he was about to cum she straddled him on the bed, forcing his cock up the leg of her stocking and rubbing it hard. He shot a big load of cum up inside her stocking and Tina came as he was fingering her.

After a few minutes they kissed and then Mick got up, dressed and went back to his room. Tina and I screwed for the rest of the night!

The next day Tina got up kept on her (by now) spunk crusted black stockings with a short black skirt, wearing them all day for the journey home. Mick obviously knew and couldn’t keep his eyes off! Obviously they have had liaisons since but they are for other stories!