Written by Ann & Phill

25 Jun 2004

we had arranged a weekend trip to london with another couple we hve known for a few years. At the last moment he phoned saying he had a row with his wife and she went to her moms leaving him alone after much persuation we convinced john to come anyway.We left early on the Saturday and drove to a cheap hotel in paddington but they only had a family room available we spent three hours trying other hotels but in the end had to go back to the orriginal one with the family room. It was decided that our friend would go and have a shower just down the hall while we unpacked then my wife (Ann)would use the bathroom after. John went to the shower while we unpacked. while i put the empty travel bag on top of the wardrobe i felt ann pulling my zip down and taking my cock out to give it a good sucking, i said that john might come in but she insisted saying there was plenty of time. she then took her top off and rubbed my cock over her stif nipples saying she wanted me to spunk on her tits, just then john walked in the room wrapped in a towel in an instant i was spunking on her tits and john got a massive hard on. instead of covering herself up ann said to john there room for another load on these and knelt in front of john grabbed his cock and sucked and wanked his cock untill he also spunked over her tits. she then stood up and went to have her shower. me and john just looked at each other in amazement.

after 30 mins she came back in wrapped in a towel dropped it to the floor and anounced that for this weekend her body was ours for the taking. needless to say we used her like a slut all weekend even making her lie in the bottem of a rowing boat on the serpentine naked masterbating while we wanked over her face.