Written by Miss_gail

25 May 2007

I have only just come onto the site as my girlfriend has joined for us and I am working away. I started to read the stories and thought I would add one I know miss Gail will enjoy to read this so here we go.

I was going away with work and was driving past a local spot I knew for cruising just out side Warminster so I thought I would stop for a bit of a rest. It was late at night and didn’t really expect anyone to be there. But as I pulled in I saw two cars, which I was pleasantly surprised with and I got the old butterflies in my stomach. So I parked up and just sat in the drivers seat and started to have a play.

It wasn’t long before a nice young man was stood next to my open window looking in at me, I had the window down and at first he surprised me as I hadn’t seen him coming (no pun intended). He leant straight into the car and started to play with my now every growing throbbing cock. It felt so good and I was wanting to come there and then but I held it back after he had wanked me for a minute or two he leant in and put his mouth around my cock and started to suck me it felt so good and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer so I pulled his head off me and leant over to his jeans.

I undid them and what I revealed was the most gorgeous cock I have seen, my mouth was watering I needed to have his huge cock in my mouth. I pulled him closer to me so I could get my mouth around him and I started to run my tongue down his full length and suck on his balls. I couldn’t wait any longer I had to have him in my mouth so I started to suck him he tasted so good. I kept sucking him till he leant in the window and asked me if I would like to fuck him obviously I wasn’t going to turn down his offer. So we I got out of the car and walked into the woods we didn’t have to go in too far as it was dark. We stopped and started to kiss he was fantastic, we then undid our trousers I sucked him for a bit longer I could taste the pre cum and I wanted more, but he had other ideas. He made me stand up I knew what he wanted so he turned round and I felt his ass he was already lubbed up so I pushed my hard throbbing cock straight into him it felt absolutely awesome I knew I couldn’t last very long I was feeling so horny so I just kept pushing into his ass and after a few minutes I couldn’t hold back any longer and came inside him it was a massive orgasm he had absolutely loved it. I had to finish him off so yes I went back round and sucked him until he came. It was a great night he wanted to meet again but unfortunately I have never been there again but you never know. Hope you enjoyed my little story and if you want more just ask I have a few