Written by ivanbasso

12 Jul 2006

my advert had asked for a man,pref part of a loving couple to take me anally for the first time. I was hopeful but didn't expect the erotic response I would get.

"come to our house and do as you are told. we will fulfill your fantasy but you must in turn fulfill our fantasy of the ultimate anonymous sex.If you speak we will stop and you will not get what you want. we will not hurt or mark you.

My instinct was to leave well alone but my desire told me otherwise and I arranged to meet.The day came .i was trembling with a mix of lust and uncertainty. i took my heart in both hands and wrapped on the door of the old house i'd been directed to. after a short pause a man in his late forties appeared, about six foot tanned and muscly.He commanded my silence and gestured me to folloe.he led me down into the cellar which could only be described as a giant playroom.a huge plasma screen adorned one wall playing a film of a man strapped to a table being well and truely greased up by his jailer.the floor was covered in soft lino,chains adorned the walls and ceiling and various toys were in evidence.the instinct to flee brewed up inside me but something told me i was in expert hands.i stood in a daze as the man stripped off my shirt and strapped my arms in velcro handcuffs before attaching them to a chain and stretching me up towards the ceiling.would he stop if i wanted to? i daren't risk asking in case he stopped altogether.a blindfold was slipped over my eyes and everything seemed blocked out. the sound on the film was turned up drowning out the noise from the room with the sound of a mans arse being slapped again and again and the resultant gasps and pants from the recipient.i felt fingers deftly unbuckle my trousers and strip me naked. if i was nervous my hard cock gave the game away,dripping a trail of pre-cum from the tip.it must have been an inviting sight because i felt a pair of lips close over the end of it and lick into my slit .a gnarly hand slid back the foreskin and the tongue gently tbc