Written by sexy slut

14 Nov 2004

Hi people i was told about this site a few days ago in a chat room and decided to come in and give it a try. I was nervous at first as to even if id get a response but decided hell lets do it. I placed an ad and then went off for a bath shaved my legs trimmed my bush and got out and was deciding what to wear if i got a meet. I'd bought some nice black lacy top stockings and i thought that this would be the start of my outfit. I dried put them on and my suspender belt and then picked my little red mini g string. On i went getting tarted up with a feeling of wanting cock. So when i had finished i was in strappy 5" heels, black stockings, red mini g string, blk suspenders, denim mini skirt, red tight low cut top, no bra and red lippy with some eyeliner and mascarra to finish off.

I was done. I went back to the computer a few hours later and was amazed at how many replies i had got, 73 in total. I went through them one by one and as usual found majority to be timewasters or not what i was looking for. But one guy called peter took my fancy as he sent me a really pervy e mail and that was what i was looking for. So i plucked up the courage and texted him and he phoned back and i was sat shaking as id never done this before ever.

I asked him if at my age i was what he fancied and he was very insistant i was and we set a time for him to pick me up for fun. At 8 i was cold standing in the bus stop waiting for peter and i had had 2 glasses of wine to settle the nerves. Up pulled a white ford and the window went down and he said he was peter and i got in out of the cold. I looked at him and could see he was a very dirty old man but nice figure and i thought too late to back out now.

We drove off and he found a country lane bout 20 minute drive from where he had picked me up and on the way i had been teasing him by flashing my stocking tops, panties and rubbing his straing cock in his trousers. When he pulled up behind some bushess he turned off the engine and leant over to kiss me and i let him explore my mouth with his tongue.

I reached for his stiff cock and tried to get it out but i was having a finger or three pushed inside my young flesh. I asked him to get it out which he did and it was about 6" but very thick and i sucked him slowly and he groaned and i felt him twitching in my mouth. With his hand he opened my legs and continued to finger me whilst i sucked like a greedy little girl on his cock. After about 5 minutes of sucking he asked me to take my coat off and get on the back seat which i did. He got in and asked if i had any condoms and i said i prefer without. So he entered me slowly which felt wonderful as the wine was still making me act like this.

He wanted to see my tits and i lifted my top and he driddled a little ( by accident too worked up!!) onto them and he only managed to last for another few minutes and as i felt him cum i could feel his hot semen pumping into my tight hole and it was good. We got back into the front and he had some warm smirnoff ices in a bag and i drank one and he raised the subject of dogging and he told me he'd like to take me.

As i was still on heat i agreed and off we drove again.

About 30 minutes later we pulled into what was like a secluded picnic area and he pulled up in the corner as there were at least 25 cars in the car park. There wasnt any light and we sat there and he told me he was going to offer me out to anyone that asked so he could wank over me being used.

So out i got and i was standing there for possibly 5 minutes when a guy came over and made small chat and peter asked if he fancied some of me? The guy took me by the hand over to some bushes with a table and put me on the table and opened my legs out. I saw in the moonlight this guy had a big fucking cock much bigger than peters but peters left cum would lube me nicely.

So he put it in meand it hurt a little at first but got it in in the end and boy he fucked me with it. I saw peter by the tree cock out wanking and didnt notice that 2 other guys had come out of hiding to help this guy. So the first guy came all in me which seemed like pints of warn cum but it was good. Then he was replaced by the second guy whose cock was a bit small but i could feel the cum running down my arse crack.

He didnt last long and came in me again and at the same time i was sucking the third guy off and getting him hard for me and when the second guy had finished i was about to get a third cock. He was about the same size as peter and he bent me over doggy and to my amazment i was presented with a different cock to suck off and the guy in me was treating me as a real cum whore and i was loving it. He soon came in me and the last guy asked for a fuck and who was i to stop him?

In it went and i kept cumming and cumming with 4 other guys cum running out of me down my arse crack onto the table and down my stocking clad thighs.

This last guy had obviously been wanking as he took for ages fucking me and was making me sore and just then he came all over my arse and it felt weird but very dirty.

The guys quickly made an exit and peter came over to empty his load into my hot little mouth and it tasted good.I got back into the car and hadnt realised that i was being fucked for nearly an hour and was cold but with lots of warm cum coming out of me mmmmmmmmm xxx. Peter took me home and before i got out i suked him till he was hard and gave him a real hard tight gripped wank and after about 5 minutes he shoot his load all over his steering wheel and with that i got out and went in to get into my warm bed and wank off with my dildo to what had just happned to me.