Written by Paul.

19 May 2004

.....had my first mouthfull of another guys cum that is.

I had been bi curious for sometime and always enjoyed seeing my girlfriend with other girls when we occasionally had threesomes. She had always desired to see me with another guy, but i had always been somewhat hesistent.

Anyway, we finally decided to meet a single bi guy called Pete in North London.

We met at his place and relaxed with a drink and and a porn video. He was a really nice fit middle age guy and everyone felt as ease, so not surprisingly us guys soon had our cocks out wanking ourselves while my girlfriend played with herself. Pete soon lent over and took my semi hard cock in his hand and began to wank me while we sat on the sofa and soon brought me to full erection. Samantha, my girlfriend suggested we all get naked...so we did, except Pete kept his thong on and asked that i take it off. So kneeling in front of him i slipped it off revealing Petes cock. Samantha and i knew Pete was well endowed from corespondence we had had with each other, but it still was a pleasant surprise to have a big juicey cock in front of me.

My bi curiousity had now been fulfilled and turned to a full bi wank and suck session. Stroking Petes shaft, i took his thick cock head between my lips for the first time and sucked and licked the length of his cock. We took up the 69 position and enjoyed each others cocks for some time. Pete really knows how to suck and wank another cock.

Samantha meanwhile sat back and enjoyed the spectacle.

Pete then told me to stand up in front of him and fuck his mouth as he wanted to taste my cum. Taking my hard length in his mouth, his mouth moved up and down my shaft and over my glans. He then told me to fuck his mouth like it was my girlfreinds cunt. I did as he said as he clentched my buttocks firmly with both his hands and moved his mouth in timing with my thrusting. It was unbelievable...fucking and being sucked at the sametime. It felt as if my cock was at the back of his throat. I felt myself coming and exploded inside his mouth with two powerfull spurts as he swallowed my hot milk.

I knelt in front of Pete and greedily fed on his swallon cock in anticipation of my first taste of cum. Piercing his cock between my lips Pete oblidged filling the front of my mouth with his warm salty spunk. withdrawing his cock from my mouth, sperm ozzed from my mouth as Pete shot another hot stream of cum over my face.

I have to say i really enjoyed it as did Samantha. Pete enjoyed it so much he suggested we stayed a bit longer. As you can probably guess Pete and i ended up giving Samantha good hard spit roasting before she wanted to see us guys playing with each other again. This time Samantha joined in by feeding our cocks into one anothers willing mouths.

We plan to meet Pete regularly and now Samantha wants to see me fuck Petes arse while she fucks me with a strap on....we shall see.