Written by Dave

23 Oct 2006

A true story from earlier this month.

It had been a long hard day travelling home from a works meeting in the north and when I arrived in Hampshire I was feeling a little tired and very horny. It was around 9.30 in the evening and I decided, instead of going straight home to pop to a local dogging spot.

As I pulled up the place was unusually quiet with only two vehicles parked up. There is a secondary car park too, so I drove through and parked up, jumping out of the car. The was a little moonlight as I walked through the trees and into a opening where couples normally hang around. I was just about to leave and give it up as a bad lot, when I heard a woman giggling. Carefully (in case they did not know where they were) I walked through into the main clearing which was partially in view because of the moonlight.

I could make out the shadowy figures of two people happily playing away and decided to stand and watch, rather than make any sudden movements. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could make out the figure of a young blonde woman, nice tits on show, with her partner? rubbing gently up and down her back with his hands as she leaned across a picnic bench. "Come over" she said and without hesitation I moved over to her. I had to go around the back because of a small hedge and as I came up behind them, the man moved away, leaving her standing there with her backside in the air, covered by a small tartan mini-skirt, holding his hand out towards her arse, gesturing me to take over. I whispered to her, "What do you want?" . She whispered back that she wanted me to slowly fuck her from behind. I could barely hear her, but as I pulled down her thong, her legs parted and her slightly glistening pussy was now bathed in moonlight. I undid my trousersand slowly forced my cock into her tight, wet pussy. She was very tight. She forced her arse up higher giving me a lovely view of her tight arsehole. I slowly and tentatively touched her arsehole with my thumb, to gauge her reaction. She pushed hard against my thumb giving me the green light to keep going. She was moaning slightly and was wet as fuck, but I still hadn't seen her face, just her gorgeous body. Her tight arse was beautiful and I could now see her perfect tits swaying rythmically as I pumped from behind. She told me she was coming after a couple of minutes and this pushed me over the edge. I shot my load there and then as she leaned up against me. I grabbed her tits from behind instinctively and kissed her neck. "Mmm that feels good" she said as I froze with horror. I recognised her voice. I toyed with the idea of backing away into the bushes and putting on a false voice to say thanks, but instead I just said, "You're welcome Tracy". She turned immediately and stared into my face, before firstly attempting to cover her tits and then realising it was pointless, laughing out loud and saying "Hiya Dave". Just then Phil, her hubby appeared from his hiding place. He had apparently realised it was me when the moon became stronger but didn't want to interupt. Tracy through a fake punch at him. It was all very surreal as we chatted on the way back to where his works van was parked. She is my wife's best friend and after we went for a quick beer, she promised to try to get my wife involved (she has stated before loads of times that this is not for her) without obviously saying what had gone on. She also said that she would not rearrange anything behind her back, but if we met up when we were both out, it would be ok? Phil winked at me as she said it. I think I could be in for some more fun here.....