Written by JULIE

28 Dec 2003

I listened as my wife made one of the reps from the office party cum inside her,I wanked my cock all of the time shooting just after he did tho mine covered my chest ,his filled her pussy.

I heard nothing for 25 minutes ,they had caught up with the crowd and she rung me from the loo,apparently a couple of the staff had noticed they had gone missing and comments had been made how flushed Julie looked....I asked her if she had enjoyed it and she said even though Steven wasnt to big he knew how to use it.....he had asked her to go back to his hotel room and she told me she would have liked to but she had arranged to meet Dave at a night club,and they had planned to return to his hotel....she was concerned that Dave would realise that she had being naughty elsewhere as Steven spunk was running down her legs,I told her not to worry she was married to me not him and I loved the thought of her having two different mens sperm inside her when she came home,she said God if Im pregnant I ll not know who the father is,,,My cock got hard in a second and she said her pussy and nipples were tingling at the thought

I told her to keep Steven wanting more flirt and tease until they all went off to the nightclub......

She rang me an hour later,Steven had tried desperately to get her to go back to his hotel and she said she would see what she could do later,she liked the attention he was giving her and I guess the fact he was 10 years younger than her did wonders for her ego....she left them all and had met Dave one of my pals who had fucked her bareback nine times,he had told her he was gonna fuck her tonight like she had never being before and she told him she was soaking wet at the thought of it...he put his hand up her skirt and fingered her and she had told him she wanted to go now and feel him stretch her...they were just leaving and thats when she had rung....I heard nothing until just before 2.30,Davehad fucked her twice dumping loads of his spunk inside her and stretching her like I cant,she orgasms loads of times with his cock inside her....she was downstairs in the hotel waiting for a cab and she had had 5 missed calls from Steven while she was being screwed by Dave,I said to her he was obviously after getting inside her again and she surprised me by saying she wouldnt mind having him again...I said when NOW and Julies response was Yes if you dont mind ,I was taken aback

my wife had already had 3 lots of spunk pumped into her....I told her to go for it,she said she would give him a ring as his hotel was just around the corner from Daves.......she rang me back as she was walking along the corridor to Stevens room ....I couldnt believe it.....she simply said fuck number 4 coming up I ll call you later......cock out again thinking about what she was doing...It was just before 5 when she arrived home,she stripped off,her stocking tops were thick with spunk,her cunt lips were well swollen tho they always are after Daves fucked her,what little pubes she has were well matted....she kissed me and i could taste another mans cock on her lips....she told me she had enjoyed every second of it....and if it was ok with me she was gonna fuck Steven on a regular basis every time he was in the north east....without a condom of course.....I dont know where this horny new creature has come from but I hope she stays for a while.......now we are waiting for her next period with bated breath.....I hope it doesnt come......I would like to see her belly swell wwith another guys sperm