Written by Tina

30 Jun 2004

it was all unplanned, Andy and i often have sex and telleach other fantasys while we fuck, we both get turned on telling each other how we'd like to be with a group of men using me, i love being submissive. So we went out Tuesday night to a restaurant up the west end, for a quite meal, on the next table were 3lads about 25ish years old, I'm 32 size 12, andys 34, they'd had a bit to drink and kept joking with us that they were taking me out after the meal, we joined in the joke not thinking anything of it, when we got up to leave the lads said "right where are we all off to" lets go to a bar, so we went with them. The bar was pretty crowded, so we bunched up in the corner, the lads started asking saucy questions, like how long we went out with each other before we had sex, how many partners we'd had etc etc, the men wanted to know if i liked wearing sexy underwear, i said of course i do, but i only had my plain top and trousers on because we only came out for a meal, one of the men said come on we're going to buy you a sexy outfit, we were near tottenham court road, and he knew there was a ann summers type of shop on the charing cross road ( these shops stay open till the early hours), Andy smiled and said lets go then, we went into the shop and it was full of fantasy tarty type of womens clothes, the men picked out a sexy stockings & suspenders ( what a surprise) outfit with a black seethru dress,all cheap fun stuff, i went to try it on, Andy came with me,in the changing room i said to him what are we doing here with these blokes, he replied you just do as your told, you like being submisive, we might both live out one of our fantasys tonight.

My tummy turned over with excitment and nerves, i felt my nipples tingle, Andysaid leave the talking to him.

The outfit fitted,and the guys bought it for me, but on one condition, we had to go back to their hotel and let them see me in it, Andy said OK lets go, it was only a few minutes walk away to russel SQ, i was tingling and shaking inside the whole wat there.

We got to one of their rooms and the guys said ok let the show start, i went into the bathroom, i was shaking as i put the stockings & suspenders on, i left all my other underwear off, and put the seethru dress on, it seemed to take ages, i was worried they might laugh at my bra strap marks and the line where my knickers had been, i stepped into the room and it all went quite,,i walked over to them sitting on the sofa, and said, "is it transparent enough", i give them a twirl, my nerves had gone now and i was getting turned on,i asked them if it was turning them on, they all nodded, Andy broke the ice and took his cock out and started to wank in front of me, the 3 lads now did the same, and started undress as well, Andy pulled my dress off over my head and let the lads look at me, he said lay on the bed and open your lips for us, i layed back and brought me legs as far back to my shoulders as i could, reached down and opened my cunt for them, i could feel how wet it was, and got so turned on watching 4 men wanking in front of me as i opened myself for them all.

Then without a word it all just happened, i found myself being touched and fingered, men all over me sucking my nipples, someone licking my clit a finger just rubbing my bumhole, i started to suck someones cock, i couldn't get over the sexy noises being made, it just went on and on, i got fucked by them all, spitroasted ( which is now my favourite, i'd always wondered what it was like, its better than i imagined), i had a cock in every hole at one point, what a fantastic night and all we went out for was a meal.

Thanks guys for a fantastic night, whoever you were.