Written by James

10 Feb 2005

My wife a I went for a dirty weekend to amsterdam a couple of weeks ago to catch up with some serious shagging. After arriving and having a bite to eat we quickly rushed to the hotel to get down to business. Once in the room on went the porn on the tv and off went our clothes. We have been married for a number of years now but our appetite for each other is still like the day we met. After a couple of hours of sucking, licking, fucking etc my wife drifted off to sleep leaving me to watch the porn on tv. It got to about midnight and I couldn't get to sleep due to over tiredness and the porn was on a loop and getting a bit repetative. I decided to go for a walk so up I got, got dressed and told my wife I was popping out for a drink.

I soon found myself wandering round the red light district so I had a look at the girls in the windows. I would never cheat on my wife so enjoyed looking but no more. As I rounded a corner I saw a gay cinema. I was more than intreagued, especially after watchin a load of 'normal' porn. Besides, who'd know. I went in the shop front and paid my money to go into the cinema. Once in I sat at the back of this small and dingy cinema and notice there was about 9-10 other guys in. On the screen was a gay gangbang and before I realised I was rubbing my cock through my trousers. Weird, as I had never thought about gay sex before and certainly had never seen any.

After about 15mins I needed a piss and had noticed that people had kept going back behind the screen and emerging a few mins later. There's the loo then I though and off I went. Once behind it was pitch black but I could sense there was someone else there. I whispered 'toilet' to him and he didn't reply. I could just make out he was facing a wall so I thought there must be a urinal and he was using it. I got my semi-hard cock out to have a piss and before I knew it this guy had got closer to me and had put his hand on my cock. Wow, I didn't know whether to run, punch him or what. I was stuck to the floor. This guy started wanking me and before long I was as hard as a rock. He took my hand and placed it on his already hard cock and made me wank him. After a few minutes of mutual wanking another guy came in a barged his way in to our little party. In a matter of seconds I had two very different but hard cocks in my hand. I don't know what came over me. I dropped to my knees and plunged the first guys cock into my mouth and started giving him a blow job, just like the one I had got off my wife earlier. The other guy was very pushy and was thrusting his hard (but much smaller) cock at me. Being a gent I spent 10 mins sucking the pair of them, I was loving it. Both of them shot there cum in my mouth, it was great. I had only ever tasted my own cum before and that was out of wife/ex's pussy or mouth.

To return the favour they undressed my and one got behind and rimmed me and the other sucked me dry. It was a crazy 30mins. We never spoke to each other and I have no idea what they looked like. I just got dress and rushed out back to the hotel. I got back and told my wife I had been out for a drink but was shaking at what had just happened. As I had woken my wife she insisted that I fuck her again, I was only to obliging. I can't want to repeat this experience so I am on the look out for reliable dogging spots in Nottingham. As and when this happens I will post my exploits on here.