Written by emma babes

17 May 2005

hi again folks its emma i posted a story on here not so long ago about my friends dad anyway the other day i was standing at the busstop when this car pulled along side of me and was asked if i wanted to go somewhere what a bloody cheek i thought to myself till i realised it was my friends dad best mate always fancied him so of course i jump in the car then he was asking me where i been what i been up 2 all that shit i said not alot and him he told me that he was told that my friends dad had given me a good fucking and was it true i said yes and then he said mmmmmmmmmm well wewas talking about sex thenhe said is my pussy wet i said why dont you just found out if it is or not so we stopped somewhere and he pulled the seat down and started to feel my wet juicey hole i was dripping by that time lickin the juices of his fingers he then just turned me around took off me thong and fucked my wet pussy so hard slapping my ass as he fucked it god i have never cum so much in my life he was far to quick but i loved it and wanted more but he had to get back to his wife next time we are going to an hotel cant wait im wet just thinking about it emma xxxx