Written by Anon

23 Mar 2005

hi,im sarah,32 and ive got to tell you all about somethig that happened to me recently.ive been nagging my husband(dave)35, to take me to a concert that was on in london.although our tastes in music differ,he finaly agreed.we spent the afternoon of the concert drinking in various pubs and got into the venuue early to try and get a decent place to stand at the front.the place got packed real early so we had to make do with being a few rows back.we continued drinking whilst we were in there,soby 9ish when the band came onto stage,we were both wrecked.the crowd was packed solid and the atmosphere was electric.i stood behind my husband as we both swayed to the music.i had my arms drapped round his neck.all of a sudden i felt a pair of hands on my waste.i tried to turn round to see who it was,but with the crowd being so busy it was impossible.what with the drink in full effect,i thought what the heck,its probably innocent enough.the next song started and i began to dance a little faster,moving my body to the music.the hands then moved onto my ass.this was going to far i thought. i turned my head to see a young guy,probably only 18 or 19,stood behind me.the music was loud but i told him to move his hands.he winked at me and gave my ass another little squeeze.the cheek of him.his hands then wnt back to my waste so i thought id leave things.his hands then began to move round to the front of my body.god this was so erotic.i looked at my husband and he was still facing the stage.i was turned on at the thought of this young guy touching me.his hands were now on my hips.i moved back a little.his hands dropped down slowly onto the front of my skirt.his hands were now rubbing my aching cunt from the outside of the dress.i felt his hard on rub against my ass.i looked over my shoulder and winked at him.my husband turned his head and said he was off to the bar.i leaned forward and kissed him as this boy continued to touch me.as soon as my husband was gone i reached behind and began to rub the boys hard cock through his jeans.his hands moved under my skirt and straight onto my wet cunt.as his fingers moved into my thong,i pulled at his zipper.his first finger,then second finger entered me and i almost cum on the spot.i released his cock and wrapped my fingers round it.i wanked his hard cock as he continued to finger fuck me.the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me in my life.we were now stood so close,the end of his cock was touching the back of my legs.could i take him inside me without anyone seeig? i had to try.i guided his cock to the entrance of my soaking cunt.the first couple of attempts failed,it was so hard try ing to guide him inside me as people knocked into us but i had to have him.god, he was in me.i pushed right back onto him and felt him fill me.i was in heaven,going from a completly faithfull wife into a slut in no time.i turned my head to see his face,his eyes tightly shut in passion.god his cock felt good.i was makeing alot of noise which was luckily enough being drowned out by the crowd.i then felt him empty inside me.jet after jet of hot cum fill my cunt.this sent me ove rthe edge and my knees nearly collapsed as i came.he went to pull out,but i held onto him, wanting to savour his cock in me.he pulled out of me,i turned and looked at his face.i still couldnt belive how yong he was.as he adjusted himself,i saw him step back,and his friend stepped forward, wanking his huge cock!! i couldnt could i