Written by Jon

12 Aug 2006

I cant believe its just gone midnight and here i am sitting all alone in front of the pc, whilst i know my wife is still partying. Let me start at the beginning !!! It all started this morning whilst we were at the local supermarket, Ann, my wife of 20 years bumped into an old ( but extremely attractive) school friend, as they were talking i couldnt help playing pocket billiards, her friend Jill at 40 had a body fit to die for, i guessed about 36c size 10 and at about 5'4 with flowing auburn hair right down to the arch of her back dressed in a knee length black split skirt, not only could i make out the suspender belt i could see the stocking top. i had to make an excuse to get near the freezers as i was sure not only was i rock hard but i was probably drooling. when i'd cooled down i made my way back, coming at Jill from behind, the sight of her ass almost had me cumming on the spot, i was completly smitten wishing i could fuck that ass, wondering what colour her pubes were had my head spinning. they parted company and as Jill passed me i noticed she looked me in the eye ( i'm sure there was a twinkle) then her eyes shot to my crotch, god did she know what i was thinking !! Ann told me in the car that Jill had invited us to a party at her house this evening, Ann wasn't bothered so i had to be careful not to show how keen i was to get another glimpse of this sex goddess. I managed to persuade Ann that it would be good to get out for a change. at 5pm Ann got into the bath to start getting ready and having had all sorts of thoughts about Jill i went straight to the bedroom where i wanked off furiously. when Ann came out of the bathroom i shot into the shower before she could see the wicked glow on my face, We reached Jills at 8 and she welcomed us in, i nearly fainted when she leaned over and kissed my cheek even the smell of her turned me on there were about 30 people in the house and the drinks were flowing freely about 10ish having ignored Ann all night in fact ignored everyone except Jill who i could only stare at as she was most popular, Jill asked me to help her open a few more bottles of wine in the kitchen, then it happened !! I was alone in the kitchen at last, Jill came a little closer to me, my god, i was sure i was sweating and my heart was beating like it was the end of the world, she said to me, i noticed the way you were looking at me not just this morning but all evening, i was dumbstruck but from somewhere i could hear my voice cracking as i stammered out that i had never seen anyone as gorgeous and sexy as you.. there it was over, to my surprise she didnt throw her wine over me but said.... you want me dont you... i could only nod the next second her tongue was down my throat it was a second before i could do battle with it, as she pulled me towards the table she asked would i like to fuck her ass, God could she read my mind!!! with that she raised her skirt and bent over the table i wasted no time and unzipped my trouser and whilst kissing her back i aimed my rock hard penis at her sexy asshole, Jills hand reached round and pulled her knickers to one side and there it was i wasted no time and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass and began to push for all i was worth.... 'POP' i was in i pushed til i was all the way in then i gripped her shoulders and shagged that ass like i was a teenager again, even after my wank i couldn't hold out and came like volcano erupting i was in heaven when i pulled out i told Jill i must lick her... hmmm she murmered and with glassy eyes i rolled her over bent down pulled her knickers down... and then nearly died !!!!!!!!

for staring up at me was a 5" cock at the same time the door opened and there was Ann and a few others all they could do was fall about in fits of laughter, i had to get out i pushed pass Ann and made for the front door, All i heard was Ann shouting to me 'you stupid bastard Jill was a transvestite, so here i am at my PC never to go out again !!!!!!