Written by len

8 Jun 2004

i work as heating sevice engineer and had my best day at wwork ever,just after lunch i arrived at this rather large and secluded house in the part of town that money does not seem to be a problem ,i wwas greeted at the door but alady in her mid forties she had a bath robe on and wet hair so i presumed she was just out of the shower,anyway she took me into the kitchen were anotherlady was sit having coffee,she was about the same age bt slimmer and a huge pair oof tit's that she clocked me looking at,we were soon all chatting and having a bit of frendlly banter as i was working away ,they then started to quiz me if i had ever been seduced or seduced many women while out working,i replied that i had never been but thought i might of missed a few chances over the years. i up a pair of steps as we exchanged laughs but could see the slim one had turd round and i could see right down her cleavage,and she knew, the talk goteven more down the road of sex which was having the effect that they wanted as my cock began to growleaving me with bulge impossible to hide and they knew it,the one with the big tits,wendy got up came over towards me still on the step ladders and started to rub my now fully hard cock,she turned to her pal ,leslie and said we have got a result here he a monster and began to pull out the full 9" of thick hard cock,rubbed it afew times and was able to start sucking me standing up as i was still on the ladders tring to keep my balance she toyed with it for a feww minutes,then leslie came overand wanted a shot ,she took yhe had in her mounth,gave afew strokes the deepthroated the whole lenght (my wife gaggs with just the head)she began tto move up and down the shaft slurping away,wendy moved in on my balls sucking them, shethen move towards my arse and began th stick her tougne in it was unbelievablei told them i was comming and they moved round so they were infront of me soon i felt i rise and covered both of them in hot cum,they sucked me clean inturns then licked up the rest from their faces ,i was getting myself down from the ladders (not easy with your trousers round your ankles ,i began to pull up my trousers thinking they had finished with me,but leslie came over and said not so fast,and took hold on my now semi hard cock and began to wank hard again while wendy beganto take my shirt of ,i was led throught to what can only be described as a master bedroom wth a huge kinsize bedi was now naked and hard again leslie opened the robe she had on to reveal she only had a lttle thong on small tits with masive niples,she wasted no time stadled me and began to ride me slowly at first then she began to get faster and fasteri was rubbing her tits with onne hand and began prdining her arse with the other, wendy reappeared she was now also naked, what abody ,she the straddled my face and began gyrating over my toungethey both came,we moved about and iwas about to tak wendy from behind doggy style when she said that i might be to big for her as her husband was only half the size, i said not to worry boy was she tight she moaned and squealed as i sunk my cok in here getting deepe and deeper,it was soon all in and i said their see it will fit but she was noww panting and push back an forward so i help and thrust away she came a couple of times until i exploed up her and we both colapsed. i did not finish the job as i needed a part and will have to back tomorrow the said they will both be waiting for me ,what a day at work