Written by Patrick

1 Jan 2007

Years ago a friend tried to get me to go to a New Years party as a French Maid, he supplied the wig and tried to make me up but I looked bloody awful so put on a theatre gown instead and went as a surgeon with tomato ketchup splattered all over me.

A few weeks ago another friend said that if I agreed to go as a French Maid to a party in a pub local to him, he'd get a girl friend, who is a theatrical make up artist to make me up. I agreed as long as I could take an alternative costume with me if it didn't work out.

We set off for her home with me in my normal clothing. When we arrived she had laid out all the make up etc and I had to strip down to my underpants. To cut a long story short, she did a fantastic job and when I looked in the mirror with the wig on, I could have fancied myself even without the dress etc,I looked that good.

The suspender belt, panties, bra, stockings, underslip dress, pinny, cuffs, 4" heeled shoes and cap were all put on and guess who had a raging hard on. I carried a small bag with money, tissues, lube and condoms.

Now I could go out in the car without feeling a fool.

We set off for the pub which was in a rural area. I was still a little hesitant going through the door of the pub but once inside and seeing all these people in costume, some guys dressed as women (pretty awful, some of them) and others,men and women in a variety of costumes I relaxed completely.

My mate, Pete, introduced me to some people that he knew and I was congratulated on how good I looked when they were told that I was a fella.

There was a crowd of blokes there from the local amateur football club and a couple kept looking at me. I thought to myself that this was what a girl must experience. Pete noticed them too and said to me "You've attracted attention from over there, play your cards right and you could have them" I told him that it was impossible as I wasn't taking anyone home and I could hardly do anything in the pub. He said that I could go into the toilet with them but that would have been observed and certainly caused problems.

After a few drinks, I was getting very hot and it was becoming smokey so I decided to nip out to cool off and get some fresh air. I went out of the side door and round the back of the pub, leant against the wall and just listened to the music emenating from the bar. Suddenly, from round the corner, the two footballers appeared and started making small talk, and complimenting me on how attractive I was. I couldn't let the converstion go on without spilling the beans and old them that I was not a woman. They said that they had suspected it but that I still looked fantastic and that they hadn't seen a better pair of legs for a long time. They had introduced themselves as Mark and Chris and Mark asked me what sort of underwear I wore with an oufit like that, I told him that it had to be silk or nylon to get the right effect. Mark then asked what colour and I told him that my panties, suspender belt and bra were black with a red lace trim. Chris said that he'd love to see them as he could just see the suspenders attached to my stocking tops. All this talk about my underwear was giving me a hard on but I thought if I lift my skirt they'll see it. Then Mark started lifting the skirt of my dress at the back and they could then see my panties and the bottom of my suspender belt.

"Turn round so that we can see the whole of your suspender belt and the front of your panties" Chris demanded.I did and they could see my raging hard on through my panties as my cock was tenting the material. Chris said, "I can see that you are as excited as we are, isn't that right Mark?. Mark didn't reply but just un zipped and got his ccck out and quite a cock it was too, about 7" circumsized and fat. Then Chris followed suit, his was a little shorter, not as fat and had a foreskin that looked as though it was nearly back.

Chris asked me if I wanted to play, I told him that I did but not there as someone else could come out of the pub and catch us. They told me that they were locals and that the very rear of the pub led into a wooded area but it was debatable whether the pub lights would be shining for us there so we may have to just go by feel.

We walked over the ground to the woods, both Chris and Mark had their cocks in my hands as they felt my cheeks and upper stockinged legs. They chose a spot just inside the woods where there was still light from the pub. Both stood either side of me and lifted my skirt and felt my cock,the cheeks of my arse and ran their hands upand down my nylon clad legs. I just had to apply the lips and I bent over to take, first, Mikes cock in my mouth and then Chris's. They were moaning with lust and their cocks were throbbing and jumping as I sucked them.

Mike said "I bet you'd love to have our pricks up you wouldn't you?", I had to release his cock to say yes. "OK who do you want first?" said Chris as they both started rolling on condoms. I told them that they could decide, I'd leave it to them. Mike said "You go first Chris and you can stretch his pussy for me".

Hang on a minute, I said, I have some lubricant in my bag. With that I retrieved the pouch of lubricant as they rolled down my panties. I knelt down and appled the lube and then rose for Chris to make me bend over and guide his cock up me. Now he may have been smaller than Mark but he attacked my arse like a pile driver and I had to grasp Mark to steady myself. While I was clinging on, Mark shoved his cock in my mouth and started to fuck that. I felt like a chicken on a spit. Mark wanted to know if Chris was enjoying it and Chris replied that he was loving it as "She's a right horny slut, wait ti'll it's your turn with that monster prick of yours, she'll know what it's like to be really shagged when we've finished with her" well you can immagine that I was really turned on by this. After about 7 or 8 minutes, Chris let out a roar and shouted"take that you horny bitch", jerking he shot his load. "Right, Mark, get that prick of yours up her cunt and make her beg for mercy" All this dirty talk was really turning me on, and I shouted "Yes,go on you spunky fuckers, I want to feel that big bastard rammed right up me" Without any more words it was , just that, rammed right up it took my breath away and almost tears to my eyes. When I said that Chris was like a pile driver, that was nothing on Mark, he was pulling the cheeks of my arse apart and saying "Come on you whore take all of my dick, it's not all in" and also slapping my arse as he said it. Chris was facing me and as I grabbed hold of him to steady myself he shoved his semi hard dick in my mouth and made me suck him clean. Would you believe it,he started getting a hard on again. "Go on Mark, that arse of yours pumping away is giving me a hard on again so I think that I'll have second helpings with this tart" Suddenly, I couldn't hold back any longer and started to shoot my load, I was yelling out as I spunked. "The bitch is spunking and I haven't got there yet, the whore. She's going to suffer now" Mike yelled.Just then,there was a russle of leaves and a voice said "Are you OK"

To be continued