Written by Yvette

9 Sep 2006

During the afternoon, yesterday, I took my dog for a walk to a quaint park in Sawbridgeworth. Having parked the car I noticed only one other car, a Volvo Estate parked up with the boot door open. From where I was I could only see the front. I had to walk past it to proceed with my walk. As I walked by I couldnt help but hear the groaning coming from inside. I walked closer and for all to see were two ladies in a 69 position. At first I didnt know what to do, it certainly made me laugh, but boy they were licking pussy like they only had minutes to live. So I just stood at the bottom of the car and watched the show.

Obviously I could only see the head of one girl, who had short hair so the other girls pussy was clearly visable and her legs where leaning off the bumper to give more thrust into the 1st girls mouth. She was finger fucking her with 2 or 3 fingers and I could hear her voice inside the car begging for more. The top girl looked at me and in her breathless voice asked me if I wanted to join in.....Wow! Me! I rushed my dog back to the car and approached the estate again. The girl on top still had her pussy in the lower gils face and she invited me to bend down to the back of the car and bury my face into the fleshy wet pussy she had been devouring. I needed no further invitation. On my knees I crouched down and flicked the flaps of skin round the opening of the womans wet pussy and inserted my finger into her warm, tight hole. She liked it I could tell iby her muffled groans from between the top girls legs. I placed another 2 fingers in the warm soft crevice. and I started to lick her clit. She was buckling with enjoymnent. I didnt care who may have seen us it was just sheer lust. The girl on top started to put her hand down the opening of my top and began to play with my very hard nipples. I started to finger the bottom girl with a bit more urgency, as I was really being turned on. I could feel her getting tighter and tighter. I knew she would soon come. Her legs and feet, leaning off the bumper, were beginging to tremble as she lifted her bottom up to get more of my tongue. The top girl pushed the bottoms girls leg down as she was closing me in with her excitement. I could feel it starting, I could hear her groaning and begging me to do it. I was holding open her clit lips with one hand and fingering her with the other, to the extent that I has almost fisting her. She was shaking and then she came. She tried to stop me but I just kept licking. I took my fingers out of her pulsating pussy and replaced it with my tongue. She tasted fantastic. I had never tased another womans pussy before, having only tasted the juices from my own.

The woman took her pussy away from the lower ladies face and asked me if I could do the same for her. She clambered into a position, laying next to the lower lady, who was just laying exhausted and recovering. The boot of this car was so big, you could have had an orgy in it.

I started the same way as before placing by fingers inside her. She wasnt so tight. She was also very wet already (having had a birdseye view of what her friend had just had). I started to lick her clit. It was very hard and promenent. It was like a hazelnut. I could suck it in my mouth. She liked that. The other girl passed something near my face. It was a huge black dildo. I took it and put it where my fingers had been. I screwed it in and out of the spongy flesh. She had great capacity and took most of the 9 inches. I carried on licking and sucking her clit. She was so wet. Her juices were running down to her arsehole. I took out the dildo and sucked it. It was delicious. I then placed it near her tight hole and gently tried to push it in. She winced a bit but she'd obviously had it up the arse before and soon the dildo was inside her. I fucked her arse with the toy and fingered her wet pussy with my fingers. She was all over the place with exiliration. I told her to keep still and placed my lips on her clip again and tounged her hard hood. I DP'd her as hard as I could. She was begging to come. The other girl had recovered enough and was sucking on the womans nipples. Its was pure Hardcore. She exploded. She squirted. Id never seen this. She was so wet.

I was horny as hell, but I wasnt prepaired to get my kit off there. They said they had a great time and could we meet again another day. So I have their phone number......my god if only my husband knew!

....And the dog? She got a quick walk and I went home and fucked myself sensless with my toys.