Written by Jane

4 May 2004

After about an hour two young lads came in the room and sue wispered to me that i bet they both fuck us before we go home.As they sat down in front of us sue undid the buttons on her skirt and parted her legs so they could see her cunt and she got me to do the same.They sat there goggle eyed stareing at our hairy cunts and they nearly fell off there seat when sue started snogging me.You should have seen there faces when sue put her hand up my skirt and stuck two fingers up my cunt and finger fucked me.She pulled her fingers out my cunt and said your turn to finger fuck my cunt now and she laid back with her legs wide open.Ken said i know you two want the lads to fuck you so why dont you let have it.We both smiled at the lads and said do you fancy fucking us then boys and before they could answer sue was accross the room and unzipping there jeans.I soon joined her and got hold of one the lads cock and gave it a wank before i sucked it into my mouth.Sue already had the other ones cock down her throat and giving him a good mouth fucking.The trouble was they did not last long and shot there spunk before we got them to fuck us.