Written by terry

8 Oct 2004

about 15 years ago i had fell out with my wife of 10 years,she found another man who had more time with her than i did as work always got in the way,i left and ended up in bedsit land.

i got to see the kids every fortnight which was handy as work commitments prevailed but the saturday that i baby sat when she went out dancing has never left my mind.

i had to go down the a47 to stamford lincs were i had to work on a cement plant emergency it was saturday morning about 7 am,i thought i'd be finished by 12 but things for me never go to plan any way i was stuck there welding some hoppers and the like,i phoned the estranged spouse but was barracked down the phone which pissed me off big time by the time i had finished and showered it was getting on for 8 pm so i stopped off at a pub in the village of uppingham had a few beers and proceded to go about my journey back to leicester and to try and rescue some of her night for her and the boyfriend who was in her words was a premature ejeculater but had the body of a god,and to think she gave me up for that,it was a hot summer evening and the beer was beginning to tell on me, along the a47 was a lay-by with a toilet i spotted so i pulled in, there was another car there nearby with a rather portly lady in the driving seat in her fifeties i politely smiled and went to the bog once inside at the urinal there was this older man about 55 yrs old 5 ft tall there, i went to go for my wizz and noticed he was having a wank it was a small knob about 4 inches when hard he was right next to me not embarrassed at all to see me.

i found myself reaching out to touch it,ive always been a bit bi so i thought as i had no woman as yet why not it was warm to the feel he looked at me took his hand away and let me take over the masterbation within minutes of starting he said he was about to come i got down on my knees and began to suck deep throat furiously it felt great as he shot his load down my throat he suggested going into the cubicle were he started to suck me he was very expert at it and took my 7 incher with ease very shortly i blew my load as well.

he said he'd go out first and then me after a minute or two, i agreed trying to be discreet even though i never gave a thought to someone walking in when i was gobbling him in full view after a while i went out and the was the same car with the woman in it and him she beckoned me over i went she said get in the back she told me her hubby told her what went on,i nearly died,and asked if she could have some off me i said yes but remembering the kids i gave her my phone number,she called later we arranged to meet in uppingham at a pub the next friday,when i got there we had a drink they introduced themselves as simon and julia both in sales him an area manager and her his secretary they asked me back to there house nearby, as soon as we got in we had a drink then she asked me to pleasure her in any way that i thought would get her going it did'nt take much doing some fingering followed by a good tongue lashing god how she moaned we went to the bedroom and all stripped off she got onto the bed i told her to go down on all fours and proceeded to fuck her very roughly which she was enjoying her hubby simon was slowly wanking his knob and at the same time suckling on my balls it was a sight to behold,it seemed to go on for ever she was wetter than any woman i had ever had sex with he got some ky and parted my leg a bit his finger slipped in my arse it was nice he was hard i told him to fuck me as hard as he could,his little body was going with gusto while i was sucking his missuses fannny he said he was going to cum but i made him hold on for a while longer but he could'nt and shot his lot inside me it made me feel ecstatic to which i told julia that i was about ready i took my old man and placed it near her lips she greedily sucked on it nearly took the lot,i blew my load by the bucketful in her juicy mouth and then we rested they told me i could stay the weekend if i wanted,and did i,we fucked each others bodies senseless till sunday night when i had to go home,we met every two weeks for much of the same except one or two times when there female and male friends joined us occasionally,she later told me it was the best thing that happened to her in the wedded life meeting me this went on for 8 months then they left the area to work down south,we lost touch and i got back with the wife as she needed some decent sex after ditching her non-stud boyfriend i am now in my 40's but still dream of when it might all happen again.