Written by Phil

14 Apr 2004

I had been having an affair with a married lady at work for some time! I suppose a big part of the thrill was the possiblity of getting caught, we had sex in the office where i work in the disable loo's anywhere we could get a moment together!

It all started with the usual kind of thing, bit of flirtatious emailing back and forth. Each one getting more and more naughty, till one day i said something along the lines of "dont say things like that joking i might just take you up on it" only to get the reply "i wish you would"

We arranged to meet in the disbled loo cos they r more private and bigger, literally as soon as the dirty little minx was through the door was she kissing me, kissing me with such passion. We knew we didnt have much time so we wasted no time and litterally ripped each others clothes off. It was then that I saw her gorgeous big tits in her sexy lacey bra, I couldnt wait to get it off lol. My cock was so hard by this point I was itching to get in her tight wet pussy, she didnt let me down. She pushed me to the floor and straddled my rock hard cock and fucked me nice and hard! Didnt take long for me to cum cos i was so horny! We went back to our desk as if nothing happened.

She kept emailing me telling me how she could feel my cum dribbling between her lovely sexy thighs!

After a few more toilet encounters and a great bit of fucking in the office when everybody had gone home (had he bent over my desk, my bosses desk all over the place lol) she kept asking me to go for a night out with her.

So i made my excuses with the gf and sorted a cover story with one of the lads at work (he didnt know we fucked over his desk to lol), I met her in the pub as arranged, she looked as sexy as ever. I had only one request for her and that was that she wore some sexy stockings cos i LOVE them, but her bloody hubby checked what she was wearing b4 she came out and asked why she was wearing stockings for a girls night out! Bastard! So she had tights on :( mind u they didnt last long lol. Getting so hard just typing this now. we moved on to another pub that i know has big soft leather sofas to sit on and is nice and dark! Once there she wasted no time to get me rubbing ice up her skirt along the inside of her thighs to her already wet pussy. I was so nervous cos we were so close to the bouncers. she kept putting her hands in my trousers and grabbing my now rock hard cock!

Then a fight erupted and all the bouncers dashed over to the fight. She wasted no time and hitched her skirt up and told me to rub a hole in her tights and fuck her in the pub! Of course it would have been rude not to. So i ripped them and slipped my rock hard cock inside her tight wet pussy. she was on top of me riding me good and proper. The fight was over very quickly (too soon for me) and she jumped off. She whispered in my ear that she was so horny right now and couldnt wait to be fucked senseless and begged me to take her outside in the alleyway. So off we went to the side of the pub and ripped those nasty tights off completely and bent her over and was fucking her in the alleyway, was tempted to try and slip it up her arse but i thought seeing as it was something we had never discussed decided against it! Then we heard a group of lads getting thrown out of the pub and heading our way so we ran off and found somewhere else.

Once there i decided i wanted to fuck her stood up and facing her so we could kiss in the way only she could! so there we were with her up against the wall and her holding onto the top of the wall with me giving it all i had. then I could feel myself begining to cum so i told her and she wanted it inside her so she could feel me the rest of the night. I came that night in a way that i have never cum b4!

We tidied ourselves and carried on with the rest of the night, I saw her into a taxi and made my way home.

What a night

Not long after that she got the sack and I havent seen her since :(