Written by dorset2 aka westdorset2

14 May 2006

For hubbys birthday treat saturday 13th we went to our favourite dogging spot in west dorset.When we arrived there was already a car there and after a quick flash of interior light we soon had him joining us in the back of the car. I allowed them to slowly strip me while kissing my neck and tits,i soon had hands all over my naked body and up inside my soaking pussy.i proceede to suck our guest while hubby fingered me to several orgasms and filmed at the same time(good job he has a steady hand) the guy informed me he was about to cum so hubby got the best view with camcorder and the guy proceeded to fill my face and mouth with cum as it was the watery kind (not the thick kind that chokes me) i took as much in my mouth as possible then let it run back dowwn his cock before licking him clean. The guy commented by saying " thanks, as good as always) and left. He was soon replaced by another, i turned myself round so the new guy could fuck me while i sucked hubby off and it wasnt long before our new friend was cumming all over my bald pussy lips. A few pics later and a facefull from hubby we were on our way back home again, now i know this sounds like my treat but hubby loves watching me take other mens cum so this is the only reason why i did it (lol, if you believe that you will believe anything). Might try creampie next time as a new first. please note all people who join us are given sh addy and told to look for our stories, the feedback we get next time we see them is amazing and helps to decide what we do for new story.