Written by Ste

4 May 2004

We have been holidaying with a couple of friends for about 20 yrs - just good friends- but this changed.

The farm house we stay in is in a quiet area of Bedford off the beaten track. We had all ben out for the day returned and showered.

Chris, my wife has a good figure 44ff and often omits to wear a bra after showering. Rob kept looking at her nipples sticking out like organ stopps. Emma his wife is -as I now know - a 38d to 38 e dependent on the time of the month.

To cut a long introduction, the drink flowed over the meal and emma commented that she wished her nipples woud stik out like chris's as Rob loved big tits with nipples to hang his keys on!. This took us all off guard and broke the ice good style.

With that emma announced she was going to the kitchen to get refills for everybody. She came back with her blouse removed and a nice lacy bra showing her ample cleavage,annoucing that she had stood with her tits in the freezer to see if they could stand to attention.

With that Chris said well if emma want's to walk around more comfertable ill do the same wipping her t shirt off to expose her tits. Asking Rob to hang his keys on these, with that it all kicked off with Rob sucking her tits for england.

Whilst this was going on Emma asked me if i like stockings and sussies - I replied what man doesn't. Off she went returning dressed in stockings and sussies and showing her naked breasts to the world!

Bending over and sucking robs cock I mounted her and pumped away pulling out ans blowing my load over chris's tits.

More to follow