Written by Andreatvbabe

21 Dec 2006

"Now you've had your first taste of cum, Andrea, I need you to find me a man"

"Madeline will be coming to your room later for further work for you to do, but now I want you to go over to those two boys at the bar and invite them to my room. I demand that they are there in 15 minutes, you will have to persuade them to be there...and you will not take no for an answer.Understood!"

"Yes, mistress".

With that, I sauntered over to the bar and introduced my self, trying to put on my best feminine voice. "Hi, I'm Andrea and my mistress requires you in her room".

"Ooh luvvie what a nice girl you are, but I think your mistress has the wrong idea. Gary and I are together if you get my meaning" said Steve (as I came to know him later).

What to do now, I cant let my mistress down and how do I persuade two obviously gay boys to come to her room?

"Don't you like my figure then boys? I'm all yours for the taking" I couldnt believe I was saying these things!! "I can promise you a very fulfilling time" and kissed Steve then Gary on their cheeks.

Two minutes later we knocked and entered my mistreses room.

And yet another apparition in front of me. My mistress in her underwear and boots,Madline's kneeling before her with her tongue buried deep in her pussy. In her hand was a whip !!!!!!!

"Make yourself comfortable boys. Andrea and Madeline are going to show you what submissive girls they really are. Andrea on your knees now, beside the bed. Lift your skirt and drop your panties!"