Written by Tommy

25 Sep 2006

I see a lot of situations on here..like "sitting on a train" and suddenly someone grabs you and you have sex on the train....Where does this occur coz i travel on trains and it aint happened to me...Where are those "ladies" who crave and desire a sexual encounter ?

I kinda grew up in hope that one day i'd be there at the right time...but it was always someone i knew that would always be willing for that little bit of fun.

A workmate of mine was going thro a bad time and was always moaning that he was never getting "it" at home and that his missus was not interested.

Well for months and months i kinda got close to Gee...she enjoyed a good laugh and was a great wee worker although i never saw her that much.....she looked nice in her jeans and t-shirt and i always wondered if she was as dis-interested as john had said...but didnt have the courage to make a move on her.

The laughter between us grew more and more...she had a wicked laugh and great sense of humour...John was away and Gee and i chatted one night...she let slip that things were not right and she had lost the "will" for sex.

We continued chatting by phone but nothing more until one night.

As i drove along the motorway..she reached over and kissed my cheek...then neck....she lifted up my t-shirt and rubbed my hairy chest...for some reason she just "lost it" and became a sex starved crazy woman..My trousers were taken down and she gave the most incredible BJ that id ever experienced...She sat back on the seat with her back to the door..removed her jeans and thong..opened her legs wide and slid towards me...Now i was on the outside lane and could only reach her with my left hand...i stroked her gently and i think the months of frustration just exploded and she ejaculated over my hand and onto the drivers seat. She lay back and smiled. I drove on and she dressed just as quick.

Nothing else happened that night and i didnt know what she thought...I guess her frustration was over or was it ?