Written by Pete

22 Oct 2004

Another Christmas and what do I get the Mrs??

A couple of years ago she got me some 'Glamour Pictures' of herself. Tasteful but showing her great tits and arse off!! So I hit upon the idea of doing something of a similar thing, been early thirtes and still in good shape. Find a photographer in the Northern hemisphere that will take pictures of a guy with his cock out!! Very difficult, but I finally found a guy who said yes he would give it a go and we made the arrangements.

So turned up at his studio, and he was about late 20's slim build and a good looking guy. Cameras and lights were everywhere, a proper studio. We sat and discussed what sort of thing I wanted and we finally started. I was wearing jeans and a shirt and he directed me with what he wanted me to do. Unbutton the shirt, take your shirt off etd etc. This went on and then he said to start unbuttoning my jeans and to slowly pull them down. I was commando and I have to say finding the scenario very erotic and was getting hard. So I undid my jeans and he was snapping away and then he said to pull my jeans down. So I slowly pulled them down and my now very hard 8" sparng out.

He was soon very close to me taking pictures of my hard cock with the pre cum starting to drip off the end.(I have to say at this point I have never had any gay or bi feelings before!) He told me to start wanking, which I did. I could see from the bulge in his trousers that he was hard. I kept wanking and watching him rub himself a couple of times. He stopped taking the pictures and I stopped wanking at which point he asked me if I would mind him making himself more comfortable, 'please do' I replied. At this point he stood up and undid his trousers and I could see his boxers straining to contain his hard cock. I watched as he pulled his bocers down and saw his thick meat for the first time. It was bigger than my 8" but thicker. We were soon back taking pictures, with me laid down on a silk parachute wanking while he stood over me. His pre-cum dripped onto my shoulder whichI just turned my head and licked it off myself. He watched in disbelief at what I had done (I could not beleive it either).

He knelt downa t the side of me and I put my hand out to touch his cock. He did not pull away and within seconds we were exploring each others bodies. Lick and sucking cock, licking arse hole, sucking thick purple headed cocks, kissing another guy. I just could not stop myself from doing things I have not ever dreamt of. I was about to cum and I told him, he kept on sucking and I shot my hot load into his mouth. I have never cum that amount before.

With my spunk in his mouth he leant forward and kissed me and pushed the spunk into my mouth. with my own jiz in mymouth I started to suck him and soon he was bucking into my mouth. I was loving my first cock experience. After we had both cum we continued with the photographs and then went for a beer.

I am going back in a couple of weeks for some more pictures doing, this time with me sucking his cock and him licking my ass...ummmmm

I will keep you posted on what happens next....