Written by foxylady 123

25 Sep 2004

The floorboard creaked and immediately I was awake. I rolled over in bed and looked at the digital clock!!

It was 10.30pm and far too early for my husband to be coming to bed. He was writing his final paper for his Open University degree. I looked round and I was alone.

So why had the floorboard creeked?? It was an old house and there were a number of loose boards. Over the years I had become accustomed to the noises they made and the noise I had just heard had deffinately come from the loose board at the foot of the bed near the sash window which no longer opened.

I shooke myself and decided it must have been, well who knows what it was but there was no one there so I hopped to go back to sleep, it had been a long day. I tuned on to my right side, curled up into the feutus position and waited for much needed sleep to envelop me.

The next time I awoke it was because the half of the bed behind me sank down. I assumed it was James, my husband, his 15 stone always made the bed sink. I didnt know what time it waas but I didnt want to waken fully, I needed to sleep so desperately.

I felt him get in to bed beside me. Thaknkfully he was being quiet, obviously trying not to disturb me. I curled a bit more , expecting that he would cuddle up to me.

I felt his hand creep gently round my waist and his body push close agains my extended bare behind.was I imagining it or did he have an erection?Usually when he was completing university work he became so engrossed in it that he forgot all about sex.

There was no mistakeing it, he had an erection and a rather marvelous one at that, very firm. He started feeling my left breast and playing with my nipple ring. His penis was being slowly but steadily pushed towards my pussy. It crept between the lips and then , almost without warning it was inside me, pushing high and higher as though it wanted to meet with his hands that were busily pulling away at my, by now erect nipples.

Something felt different to usual, this didnt feel like the way James made love. At first I didnt realise just what was different but then it occured to me, he wasnt makeing any noise. He was doing it all totally silent, not a breath not a word. Perhaps he thought I was still asleep.

I decide to play along with the idea that I was asleep, it was obviously working for him!! He pushed me slightly more forward, his hand leaving my breast and strokeing its way down my backbone. He felt my ass roughly with the palm of his hand. By now my fanny was uncontrollably wet.His fingers moved around to my front and he began to push agains my clit. I wanted to screem out but didnt want to spoil the atmosphere by polluting it with noise.

Still his cock was pushing away from behind probeing even deeper into my virgania. He was going quicker and quicker and I loved it!! Then I did something that I had no contrlo over something that I have only done once before in my life, I squirted. The hot thin liquid ran down my legs and I knew James must have noticed it. It had obviously turned him on even more because he started pounding me even quicker. I was waiting for him to cum any minute. I knew he couldnt be far away.

Then the rhytham stopped, everything stood still. My cunt felt instantly empty. He hadnt cum I could tell that.Still there was no noise from him. I lay quiet waiting for him to say or do something. He didnt.

After a few minutes my curiosity got the better of me and I started to turn round, but as i did I felt him grabb my wrists and push me harshly on to my back.

I felt, his still erect and wet cock, still smelling muskily of my fanny juices work its way up my body. I couldnt move, but then I didnt want to!!

I lay back. His dripping cock pushed its way into my mouth. and I sucked hard.Strange i couldnt feel his weight on my chest. I sucked and sucked loving the salty tasting liquid that he was omiting. Suddenly he pulled his throbeing member out of my mouth and within a second he started to squirt my face with thick milky cum. It went all over my eyes round my nose. Drops ofit shot into my waiting, egar mouth and then on down my neck and tits. I was covered in the gorgeous hot liquid and it was sticking to me like glue.

When he had finaly finsihed cumming and released my hands I reached over to the bedside cabinet for a tissue. Still James was silent. I asked him if he had enjoyed himself. He didnt reply. I joked that now it was finsihed we should start talking again. Still no reply. This game was getting a bit borring now.

I reached for the light and when myu eyes had adjusted I realised I was alone. My skin tinggled with fear. I knew I hadnt imagined the whole thing I had 4 tissues covered in cum to prove that. I ran downstairs still naked. There sat at his computer, as he had been when Id gone to bed was James!!!!!!!!!!!!!