Written by Rusty2003

8 Jun 2006

What I’m telling is something I witnessed, I wish I could have witness more or gotten involved myself. I’m hoping the people I watched are members, will read this and fill in the missing details.

I was traveling alone on business and staying in a hotel in the heart of London. I was having dinner in hotel restaurant when a couple sat down in the booth in front of me, close to me and just to the right of me, I noticed the woman, she was a beautiful, elegant, vibrant blonde woman. I would estimate she was in her early forties, small, may be 140 cm tall, blonde hair to the mid-neck, blue eyes, I’d guess, size 12, measurements 32-28-32 a C-cup, and very pretty. She was wearing a long black skirt to her angles with buttons running up the centre between her legs from the bottom to the waist, the buttons were undone just above her knees, black high heels, a white buttoned blouse and white hosiery. She looked very elegant sitting there with her legs crossed in the booth, I assumed it was her husband with her and he sat opposite her in a chair. I ate my dinner, paid my bill and was finishing my cup of tea, the couple in front of me had also just finished their dinner and were sitting there.

Then two young guys, good looking, well dressed, I would say in their early 20’s walked up and sat in the booth on either side of the blonde woman. They were talking for a few minutes when I notice the two guys slip their hands from the table, and down to start caressing the woman’s skirt. A few minutes later one guy slid his hand down her thigh, under her knee, lifted her leg up, and uncrossed hers legs. The other guy placed his hand on her other knee and they pulled her legs slightly apart. The guys’ then slide their hands up her skirt and started unbuttoning the buttons on her skirt between her legs, they undid most of the buttons on her skirt between her legs. I could see the top floral pattern of the woman’s white stocking and her garter belt straps. The guys placed their hands on her knees and spread her legs really wide apart, I watched as her skirt slide up and the V-opening, opened between her legs, I could see her white stocking, 4-strap garter belt and panties. The guys lifted the table cloth up and over her knees so no one in the restaurant could see, but left her crotch and upper thigh exposed between them. I had to change position in my booth since my view got blocked, but I could still get the odd glimpse of what was happening. One guy looked around the restaurant to see if anyone had noticed or was watching them, I pretended I was reading a paper. The guy then returned his attention to the woman and unbuttoned several buttons on the woman’s blouse. She adjusted her blouse, from my viewing angle I could see a white floral bra and some lovely cleavage. The woman placed both hands on the table and stared across the table at the gentleman she arrived with. I could only get glimpses, but I could see both guys had their hands between the woman’s legs and were playing with her pussy. The woman was arching her back, I could tell she was wiggling her hips around and becoming very aroused

The guys stopped and they started to leave, I was fortune the woman came out of the both towards me. As the woman exited the both, the V-opening between her legs on her skirt slid open behind her; I could see everything, her stockings, garter belt, and panties. The woman’s panties were pulled to the side and I got a glimpse of her nicely trimmed blonde pussy. I quickly got up and followed them, they got into an elevator and I jumped in at the last minute. I said, Hello to them, the two young guys replied, “Hello, beautiful evening,” the woman didn’t say a word she just stared straight ahead, the other gentleman accompanying her didn’t say anything. Up close the woman was extremely pretty, the buttons on her blouse and skirt were still undone, I had a excellent view down her blouse at her breasts, I could see the bra clamps at the bottom between her breasts and it was a very sexy under wire bra. Looking down at the woman’s skirt you could just see between the unbutton skirt buttons between her legs, her stocking tops and bare upper thigh, she was extremely sexy and it was driving me crazy thinking about what await her in their room. I got my room key out and pretended I was getting off on the same floor as them; my room was actually on another floor. We excited the elevator and the two young guys said, “Good night,” I replied, “Good night, have a nice evening,” I was hoping they’d invite me to join them, but that didn’t happen. I watched the 4 of them walk down the hallway to a room. I pretended I was entering my room further down the hall. The older gentlemen opened the door, the woman walked in; the 3 gentlemen talked for a few seconds in the hall, and entered the room. I walked back to their hotel room door, trying to listen to what was happening inside, I could only hear muffled sounds and couldn’t make out what was happening inside. I went down to hotel desk to see if I could change my room to the room next to theirs, in hopes I could hear something between the walls or through the adjoining room doors, but I couldn’t change rooms. I spend the next few hours wandering around outside their hotel room door trying to listen to what was happening inside. I could only hear muffled noises and could only imagine what was happening to that beautiful, blonde, elegant woman inside. Was she being shagged by two guys at once, one after another with her supposedly husband watching, or was she be shagged by all three of them.

The next day I saw the couple checking out of the hotel and I’m hoping they read this and fill in the details of what happened in that London hotel room, I'm dieing to know what happened