Written by lucky fella

10 Jul 2006

When i first started seeing louise she had only been with 3 other men and had not done anything 'adventurous'. As couples do we talked about our pasts and i told her some of the things i had done with previous partners, she was a little shocked but not in a funny way. A couple of weeks after, we were in bed and she asked me to tell her about one paticular time which i had mentioned when i had done an mmf with another girlfriend, while i was telling her i noticed her hand had gone to her pussy and she was gently rubbing her clit, as i got near the end of the story she aksed me to fuck her, the more i pounded into her the more she wanted me to tell her, when i got to the part where me and my mate had both shot our cum into my other girlfriend louise started cumming and screaming saying she wanted it! After she had calmed down i asked her if she meant what she said or was it just the moment, she said she had orgasmed WISHING it had been her and not a story from my past. Then she shocked me by saying her biggest fantasy was to be gang banged and just the thought of it happening was almost enough to make her cum. Nothing happened for a few weeks then i asked her again if she was serious, she said she was and would love it if i could make it happen, i had the perfect plan. At the time i was playing in a five a side league, with only 2 games left we had to win both to win the title, before our next game i told the lads if we won the league they would get a fantastic prize! We only just did it with a last minute goal in the last game. As we were showering i told them what there prize was and was left looking at 5 stiff cocks. They all fancied louise anyway and thought i was joking but soon realised i wasn't, we agreed for them all to be at our house on the next friday at 7.30. On the night i told louise to take a bath as i had a suprise for her, she came down in just her dressing gown and asked where i was taking her, i told her not to get dressed as i wasn't taking her anywhere, she asked, whats the suprise then? It was now 7.15 so i told her what i had planned and her mouth fell open, she came to kiss me and put my hand on her pussy, it was dripping already. She looked at me and smiled and asked if i was sure, i told her i couldn't wait for my mates to fuck her and for her to suck them and drink their cum. The lads all turned up (on time also, which was a miracle for them) and louise went to the bedroom to wait while i told them the rule, the only one was that if she said stop or she didn't like something then that was it. We all went upstairs and louise was waiting naked on the bed, within 2 mins she had 5 naked lads touching, licking, sucking her everywhere, her face and the smile on it said she was enjoying herself. The next couple of hours were almost a blur,she sucked everyones cock, i watched while all the lads fucked her, me and mj gave her her first ever dp, i thought we might have to gag her she was screaming so loud but sucking the others cocks sorted her out. All of us came at least twice either in her or on her tits/face. When we were all spent, she snogged all the lads and thanked them for the best sex ever and promised another session next season. After they had all left we took a shower together and i asked what she enjoyed the most apart from all of it, she said definately the dp and couldn't wait to do that again, neither can I. Then the cheeky cow said maybe next season i could play for an eleven a side team!!