Written by The Talker

29 Sep 2006

Sharon is 24 with firm tits and reasonable figure, she has a slight tummy but looks good. We used to talk whilst fucking, about things that turned us on. One night after we had been out and were in bed I asked her if she would like to do anything with somebody else. This seemed to really turn her on and she quickly rubbed her clit coming very soon after. She addmitted that the thought had turned her on.

We began talking about others before going to bed this made Sharon very wet and horny and me very hard. Over the next weeks the sex talk focused on other people, and when some friends were mentioned she seemed to get even more aroused.

Sharon said the talking turned her on and she would love to here what turned others on.

We used to drink with a friend of ours called Al and he would come back to ours after for a drink on the way home or stay over. Sharon and Al used to flirt and I used to tell Al what we got upto, he told me what he did with his girlfriends. We had downed a few and on the way home Sharon had to stop for a pee in the alleyway. We stood at the bottom and waited, Al said he found it a turn on what she was doing.

When we got in I told Sharon what he had said, she then said right lets tell each other something that turns us on.

We decided to spin an empty beer bottle to see who sarted then round clockwise. I lost I told them I love stockings and suspenders and a shaved cunt. Both already new so they said it did not count. Next it was Al he said he liked to listen to us fucking when he stayed the night.

Next it was Sharon she said the thought of Al listening to us fucking was making her very horny. Back to me I told them that Sharon loved to play with her clit whilst thinking about somebody she new fucking her.

Sharon was amazed I had told him that but Al laughed and said that was such a turnon. It was his turn again and Al said he would love to be in the same room as us when we fucked.

Right said Sharon if you two can say all that, what I would like is both of you sripped off and a cock in each hand. With that she got up and went into the kitchen. I followed her and she was shaking. Sharon said she was really turned on and wanted Al to see her naked. She asked if I would dare her to strip, then say Al and me would strip after if she did. If I did not want to that was ok. I said I would let her know soon.

We went back in with more drinks, the telly went on and we wathched the music channel. I kept looking at Sharon who was moving in her chair. One music video had women in stockings on and I said they looked great. Al agreed but Sharon said she would look better stripped than they did. Right then lets see you then I said or are you al talk.Al egged her on as well, ok but I get to strip both of you after.

Sharon waited for the next video and stood up, after dancing round she unbuttoned her blouse ripped it off and threw it to us. Next came the skirt, easing it down a bit at a time. She danced close to us in just a bra and panties. Then with a quick twirl of came her bra. She covered her tits and turned with her back to us then slowly slid down her knickers to receal her arse.

She half turned towards us showing her tits, then with hands in the air spun to face us. She stood there totally naked with her shaven cunt on view to our friend.

Right she said now your turn.She said we would stand back to back in the middle of the floor with only 3 items of clothing on, we were not allowed to help or touch her.

She started with me and pulled off my tshirt, then to Al she did the same for him. Next it was my jeans and down they came, she brushed my cock as they came down. Then Al had his jeans whiped down leaving us both in our underware.

Sharon came round and pulled mine straight off, my cock was hard so stood straight up.She moved to Al and pulled his straight down, his cock was hard as well and Sharon said she loved it as she had always wanted to try a foreskins.

Sharon then said last one into bed is a wanker, we all set off Al lost. Sharon said as he was the wanker he had to pull is foreskin back and show her his knob.He laughed and did as requested.

We all got into bed with Sharon in the middle. Soon she had hold of both our cocks and we played with her tits. My hand went to her cunt but Al already had 3 fringers up her. He then moved round so his cock was near her head. Sharon stuck her tounge down his foreskin and then started to suck him off. I played with her nipples and rubbed my cock. Sharon moved Al round and rubed his cock up and down over her clit. She then pushed it right inside her and he fucked her from the side. Al said she should play with her clit so he could see her cum. I stuck my cock inher mouth and she sucked me off.

Fuck I'm comming she said and I rubbed my cock off over her tits. Al was watching this and rubbed my cum on her nipples, he then grunted and came inside her.

We all slept in the same bed, I awoke in the night to find Al fucking Sharon from behind, and I played with her nipples as he came again.

The next morning I woke and went down to make a coffee, Sharon came down looking well fucked. She said she had really enjoyed it, I asid I had as well. She said Al was awake but was going soon. I said then go back to bed and winked.

Went I went back in Al was fucking Sharon from behind, so I aked them to do it so Sharon was on top and facing his feet. When she layed back I could see his cock pulling her lips in and out of her cunt. Al came soon after and Sharon came again with her finger on her clit.

Al got up and went for a shower and I stuck my cock up a very juicy cunt. When Al came back he watched as I fucked her from the side and had 2 fingers up her arse which I had lubed with his cum. He held her lips open and played with her clit. Sharon came again and I came up her cunt. Because she was so wet I slipped out and loads of cum came out. Al Rubbed the cum over Sharons cunt, belly and tits.

When Al had gone we talked about it and she said Al was good fun, although he did seem to like spunk as when I was down srairs he had licked her cunt and said he could taste it. She also said he was looking at my cock a lot and maybe nextime she would get us to play with each other.

I don't know about that but it was great.