Written by annon

6 Mar 2004

im going out of my mind wondering whats going on with my wife.

its been 4 weeks since i found out

i decided to go round to the gym where my wife sue goesto meet her for a drink suprise her

well as im going in the receptionist says hello i say hi she says oh if your looking for sue shes just left

so off i go round to the car park id seen her car but couldnt park near it as it was full .id parked out front

as i turned the corner of building i saw her by her car i was about to call out to her .but saw her walk past her carand didnt to see what she was doing

she went over to a car and got in the front passenger seat

i could see that someone else was in the car i ducked down and went to the back of the car parkto get near and see what was happening.

the driver was a bloke about 50 sues 34 slim and blonde

they were talking theni saw her head dip down to his lap

god! she was giving him a blow job icouldnt believe it.

after about 10 mins her head came back up isaw her wipe her mouth shed let him cum in her mouth.

i ran back to my car and shot home not knowing what to do.

i still havent said anything instead iv waited in car park after gym on every friday since

and on 4 occasions now iv seen her go to acar and suck off 4 different guys.she also goes there on a wednesday but a cant get there then so i dont know if it happens then aswell.

who are these blokesthere all older with posh new cars .

shes obviously arranged to meet them is she getting paid for it?

my wifes become a cocksucking slapper

when i find out more l will post it here