Written by Msyorks

1 Sep 2014

You have finished work for the day, and come home. I meet you at the door, holding a small silver tray with a drink on it. You take the drink and look me over, at my black heels, eyes moving up to my thigh-high stockings. A short black skirt flares out from my slender waist, enough to be inviting to your hand. Over that, my big tits, round and firm under a tiny white apron. My nipples already hard. Finally, around my neck, a little white lace collar with a tiny black bow. Would Monsieur like to relax before dinner? I whisper in your ear. You nod.

You take a sip of your drink, and I lead you by the hand over to the big leather chair. You sit down, and open your legs. I kneel between them, using my arms to push my breasts together and up, toward you. Looking up at you with my big blue eyes, I run my fingers across my lips, already open for you. I trail my hand slowly down my long neck, keeping my eyes on yours as I finger my collar, and then slowly sweep my fingers down to my huge tits. I lean back on my knees, arching my back, and, so very slowly, softly use both hands to trace circles around my nipples. I feel myself getting wet, my pussy blossoming like a flower.

After this little show, I come back up, reach out and pull your belt out your pants' belt loops. I undo the buckle, and gently lay down the ends of the belt. I unbutton your pants. Unzip. I reach into your shorts, and caress your cock with my soft fingers, and--most gently--with my fingernails. Your cock swells beneath my touch.

I reach up behind my head, unpin my bun, and suddenly my long hair spills over my shoulders. You lift up your hips, and tug down your shorts and pants. As I bend forward to kiss your stomach, my silky hair is cool against your skin. You groan softly, and I look up at you and smile. Then I take a handful of my hair, and wind it around your hard cock. I slowly pull it off, caressing your cock with the spiral slither of my hair. You moan for me to do it again. Of course I do.

I begin to tease your cock all over, with the smallest of kisses. You hear the small sounds of the kisses, as I show you how much I love your cock. All at once, you feel my wet tongue, heavy on the base of your shaft. Then, using the whole width of my tongue, I lick--agonizingly slowly-- up the length of your cock, stopping just before I reach the head. You groan, and feel my lips smile against your cock. I would love to tease you for days.

I do it again: my tongue spread on the base of your shaft, slowly moving upwards, and this time I pause just before the head, and, just for a moment, take the head into my warm, wet mouth. I let you feel its warmth, and then slowly, sucking hard, pull my mouth of off your cock, ending with a kiss on the head.

You growl and clench your fingers in my hair. I know this is time to get serious. I start by rubbing my full, soft, red lips, across the head of your cock. My lips are parted, and at some passes, my tongue comes out a little to briefly greet your cock and welcome it into my mouth. I moan as I start to suck my way down the length of your shaft. It feels so big in my mouth, it fills my mouth, touching every little bit. I move my mouth up and down over your cock once, twice, three times, four, five times, six, seven, and then take my mouth away, a long, thin line of saliva connecting my lips to the head of your cock. Seeing it makes us both groan.

I grab your thighs, take you into my mouth, and move my mouth up and down, up and down, up and down...now I'm sucking hard on the down-stroke and opening my mouth on the up-stroke, barely touching your cock at all. Then I do the opposite: open on the down-stroke, suck hard on the up-stroke. Then I I suck softly, all the way down, almost all the way back up: sucking hard on the head.

That, I do over and over, concentrating your pleasure on the gorgeous, swollen head of your cock. It feels like I'm trying to draw your cum out of your body.

I stop to kiss the head, and rub my face over your entire, glistening wet cock, my eyes closed in ecstasy. Suddenly I feel a sting on my cheek. I open my eyes, and see your strong hands, slapping my face with your cock. You know how much I adore this, and you indulge me a few more times before you settle back and link your hands behind your head, looking down at me.

(I was stroking my clitoris while you were slapping me; but I gladly stop, because I am even more eager to honor you, to service you, with my lips, and my tongue, and my mouth, and my throat. Because pleasuring you with my mouth is my highest calling. Several times each day, I feel my mouth opening, creating space inside, my panties getting wet, because I imagine my tongue swirling around the head of your cock, using my tongue to trace patterns up, down, back, forth, gazing up at you as I worship your big cock, begging for your cum to be splattered across my face, or on my lips, or tongue, or on my breasts that I'm holding up for you, almost too big for my hands...)

But now is the real deal. I take move my mouth far down over your pulsing cock, intentionally hitting the back of my throat. I do it again. And again. It hurts, and in my gagging reflex, my mouth fills with thick, slippery saliva. I hold your cock at the base with one hand, and pass my mouth gently up and down over it, covering you with my saliva, making your cock as wet as the inside of my mouth.

Now my throat is extra-lubricated. I stretch my body, for a straighter path from my mouth to my throat. I look up at you through my long eyelashes, waiting for your permission to begin. You still have your hands crossed behind your head, relaxed, looking down at me with a small smile. You give me a slight nod. I grasp your slick, slipper cock in both hands, and begin to move them together, up and down. As I stroke your cock with my hands, I'm also rotating them around your shaft. I know you like this.

Now to get myself ready. I close my eyes. I create space in the back of my throat by relaxing and dropping my throat muscles. I mentally eliminate my gag reflex. Still stroking your cock, with both hands, and I drop my head down to swirl my tongue around the head. I am ready. I begin by closing my lips, and using them to just touch the very tip of your penis as lightly as possible. I smile at the thought of the difference between this, and how it will feel once you are inside me, all the way up to the hilt. I stay here, with my lips barely touching your cock, for ten seconds or so.

Suddenly my lips part, and you feel, all at once, the warmth, the wetness of my mouth. You groan. The head of your cock at the very front of my throat, and you immediately raise your hips to push it down more. I smile, and playfully push down on your hips with my small hand.

This is something I am doing to you.

I turn my head slightly, and you can feel my mouth turning around your cock. I breathe deeply through my nose, and put my arms around your hips. Your cock is still in my mouth. Already it feels too big. With determination, I move my mouth further, and further, and further, down your shaft, holding you around your hips. You wrap my hair in your hand and whisper good girl I continue, down, down, beginning to choke a little, but I quickly will it away, and, finally, feel even more space in my throat open up to greet you. You slide your hips forward, pushing further into my mouth, and you can, there is room. Room that is tight, soft, wet, and holds your cock lovingly inside. My body shakes, and I quiet it. My nose is against your stomach. You stroke my hair, sigh. I keep it there for a moment, and then move up and down, up and down, up and down, for as long as I can.

Then with a slow sucking motion, I draw my lips over your cock, and away. I move my tongue under your balls, feeling their heavy weight. My tongue moves in lazy circles, then strokes firmly up and down, up and down. I vary the pressure of my tongue, sometimes firm, sometimes light. I lower my head, and take one of your balls into my mouth. Gently, I suck it, then I continue to suck while also licking up and down the underside.

With a moan, I pull away, and pass my full, soft lips back and forth across your other ball. You are breathing heavily, your hand in my hair. I kiss your ball, in a kiss that ends with pulling it softly into my mouth. I pull my mouth off, and kiss and pull it in, off and kiss and pull it in, off and kiss and pull it in.

Then you tap me three times on the shoulder, your signal that it's time to fuck my face. Immediately I give myself over to you completely, and become only a mouth, only a throat, a throat that feels like velvet around your cock. I struggle to breathe, tears leak out of my eyes and smear my mascara, you know I adore being used this way.

You're holding my head with both hands and thrusting your hips, again and again and again and again and again. You feel it begin to gather and build deep inside you. Ram your cock into my throat again and again and again.Your hips move like a machine. You let your orgasm rise up inside you, up. up, up, up, up, up.

You groan, and flood my mouth with your hot, sticky cum. It tastes sweet and salty. I relax my throat eagerly, and feel your cum slide down the sides of my throat. Some of it dribbles out of my mouth and slides down my chin. I wipe it up with my finger, and rub it over my pearly lips, looking up at you with a devilish grin. I rise. straighten my flirty black skirt, my apron over my tits, and disappear into the kitchen to prepare dinner.