Written by Where_It_Started

28 Feb 2006

Where I started down the road to swinging, it was about twenty years ago, I was young, with raging hormones and horny as hell. I had been sexy active for about 2 years with the girls in high school, but was yearning for a more mature woman. I had the typical school boy crush on my best friends mother Margaret, and I use to dream about her. Margaret was a throw back to the 60s she was the typical leave it to beaver mother, a good catholic woman, a stay at home mom, cooked all the meals from scratch, cleaned the house, looked after the children, only wore dresses and skirts, I don’t think I ever saw her in slacks, always had her hair and make up done. Margaret was in her early forties, shoulder length black hair, full lips, nice legs, a gorgeous figure, size 12 with beautiful full large breasts.

One typical Saturday morning I went over to my buddy’s house and Margaret told me everyone was gone for the day with their father, but it was good I dropped by, because she could use my help moving some things around in the basement. Margaret was wearing a dark blue vested dress (no sleeves) with a white blouse underneath. We went down to the basement, a typical old downtown basement, unfinished, low ceiling, laundry table & washing machine in the middle, a shower stall in the open in front of washing area with the top open to the rafters I helped move items around while she helping, I was checking her out, hoping for a glimpse or flash, once when Margaret bent over while I was behind her I felt like lifting her dress and given it to her, once or twice I thought I caught her checking me out. It was a hot sticky summer day and we were both sweaty, Margaret said “I should take a shower; she would get me a fresh bar of soap and towel.” Growing up I had taken several showers there, after my buddy and I came home all muddy from playing, so the offer wasn’t out of the ordinary. I was young, stupid, hormones raging, horny as hell, lately Hollywood had been making movies about men seducing women by being assertive with them, and I had been watching to many off them. We were alone in the house, I was about to take a shower, I decide I was going to act like the characters I’d been watching in those sexy thriller seduction movies.

I took off my t-shirt, shoes, open the curtain to the shower, Margaret returned with soap and placed it in the shower and said, “While I was taking my shower she would go upstairs and take a quick bath.” I said to Margaret, “Join me”, she looked shocked, I was thinking what have I just done. She said, “NO”, I was terrified but, decided I would continue and replied, “We’ll be saving water if we shower together” what a stupid thing to say, it was the only thing that popped into my head, at the time there was lots of news about how you can save water if you shower with a partner . She didn’t saying anything, I said, “I can wash your back and you can wash mine” she replied, “I can’t”, things where going down hill fast, I thought may be if I’m naked. I turned the shower on, removed my shorts, underwear, standing there naked I said “you can leave your cloths on”, what had I just said in my desperation, I wanted her naked. Margaret wasn’t leaving, so I pulled out a condom from my shorts and showed it to her and said, “I’ll wear a condom if you think I’m getting too close”, I placed it in the shower soap dish, she replied “Oh my God”, and she stood there glaring at me. I hit rock bottom, I was trembling, scared, embarrassed, didn’t know what to do or say, I wasn’t thinking straight, what would the guys in the movie do and blurted out, “If you don’t join me in the shower, I’ll go upstairs and lay in the bath tub with you.” What had I just said, I was about to grab my cloths and run away, when Margaret said, “Yes, I’ll take a shower with you as long as I remain clothed”, I got my confidence back and knew if I was assertive with Margaret like the guys in the movies, I could have her.

I took Margaret’s hand, she kick off her heels, we stepped into the shower, I guided her under the streaming water, when her dress were fully wet, I moved her out of water stream and handed her a bar of soap. I took the other bar of soap and starting rubbing the soap all over her vested dress and told her to start bathing me. Margaret slowly started rubbing the soap on my shoulders and back, I told her to do my ass, she lowered both hands onto my ass and started to cover it with suds. After a few minutes of Margaret rubbing my ass, I told her to start bathing my cock, she didn’t move her hands so I guided her hands onto my cock, wrapping one hand around the shaft and the other cupping my balls, just like I had seen in a movie. Margaret wouldn’t moving her hands, she was just holding my cock, so I started jerking her hands up & down on my cock, I removed my hands and pulled the zipper down the back of her dress, slid my hands into the back and started rubbing soap all over the back of her blouse. Margaret wasn’t really moving her hands much on my cock, so I started thrusting my cock through her hands, I said, “lets get you out of this heavy, water, soapy dress“ and started to slide her dress off. Margaret said,”I’m supposed to stayed clothed” I replied “you still will be.” Margaret removed her hands from my cock as her dress slide by and didn’t bring them back after her hands were free. I said, “Bath my cock” and slide her hands back onto my hard cock, this time she started stroking me a little, I told her to look at my hard erect cock, but she refused and kept looking into my eyes. I started rubbing the soap all over her blouse, over her breasts, down her back to her ass where I discovered she was wearing a belt and stocking, I mentioned I liked what I felt. I slide my hands under her blouse, rubbing the soap over her panties, belt and stocking legs, but she wouldn’t let me near her pussy, she was be very protective of her pussy.

When she was covered in a rich sudsy lather of soap, I started up the front of her blouse and buttoned her blouse, pulled it over her shoulders and slowly slid it down and said, “You’ll still be covered, and you’ll be a lot more comfortable in your underwear.” Margaret released my cock as her blouse slide by her hands, this time I just said, “My cock”, her hands came back to my cock and she started to jerk me off slowly and play with my balls. She wouldn’t look at my cock, even when I told her, “Can’t you fell how hard & erect my cock is, look at it and see what you’re doing to me”, her replied was ‘No.” She just continued to look into my eyes, I was rubbing the soap all over her body and was getting a good thick lather going, she continued to jerk on my cock, we were starting to kiss and nibble on each over shoulders, but she wouldn’t let me kiss her on the lips when I tried. She was starting to slide her legs apart, holding my cock up against her panties & belt, her hips was starting to thrust a little, she was jerk me off while rubbing her panties & belt against my cock, little moans and groans where starting to come out of her mouth, I knew she was melting away and would soon be mine.

I slide my hands up her back and undid her bra clasp, her beautiful full breast fell out of her cups as her bra slide down, she had huge hard erect nipples, Margaret said, “My bra should stay on” I replied “It’s Ok, were just bathing each other no one else needs to know,” she let my hard cock go as her bra slide pass her hands. This time without a word, Margaret quickly grabbed my cock, she started really stroking me hard and fast. I slide both of my hands onto her ass, jerking her towards me and I started grinding my hard cock against her panties & belt, she released my cock in order to get a better panties/cock grinding motion.

She finally looked down between us at my cock, quickly grabbing it again and playing with it again, said, “It so long, thick and rock hard, I want to suck on it. Margaret fell to her knee, she started kissing, licking, rubbing my cock against her face, eventually she started sucking on it. It was the best blow job I had ever have, nothing like the what the high school girls gave, this was a woman with experience, long strokes, sucking, slurping , taking it to back of her throat, going to the base of my cock, hold it there for a few seconds and playing with it with her tongue. As she was giving me head, she told me her husband has problems getting erections, he can only get semi-ridge now, she had forgotten how long, thick, & rock hard a young old cock was, she loved having a hard cock in the back of her throat again. My cock started throbbing pre-ejaculate into Margaret’s mouth, she stood up, grabbed the soap, lathered my cock again, really started jerking me off hard and fast saying, “cum, cum.” She was trying to get me to blow my load, so we wouldn’t continue further, I knew & she knew she was close to losing control, it was her last attempt at stopping this.

I grab her hands stopping her, placed her hands at her side, telling her, “It’s wasn’t time for me to cum,” I slide my hand around on her ass pulling her against my cock again and started rubbing my rock hard cock against her panties. Then I slide my fingers into the side of her panty leg opening, slowly slide my fingers around to front and stepped back a bit, she said, “Her panties have to stay on”, I replied, “Your panties will stay on until you want them off.” I continued to slide my fingers forward until I felt pussy hair then I pulled her front panties leg opening straight out, I slowly slide the leg opening up and over the head of my cock, sliding the opening down to the base of my cock. My cock was in inside her panties, it wasn’t touching her, I quickly pulled my fingers out, snapping her panties closed, and slapping my hard cock against her pussy as I jerked her towards me. Margaret jerked up onto her toes, I said “That’s it” as my cock head was sliding down towards her pussy lips, she softly replied, “No” she lower herself, so my cock slide back up through her pussy hair to her waist band and away from her lips. Margaret said, “My panties have to stay on” I replied, “There’re on, look inside you panties.” Margaret looked down between us, pulled her panties waist band out, looked down inside her panties to reveal a wet, rich soapy lathered pussy with a big throbbing pre-ejaculated covered cock head rubbing against her inside her panties, she softly mumbled, “You’re going to fuck me, please don’t, I can’t.” Margaret slid her bar of soap & both hands down inside her panties, she started using her hands and rubbing her pussy against me to jerk me off. Margaret was slowly spreading her legs, I grabbed her ass and was pulling her up, she started arching her back, I could feel her starting to rub her lips up and down my shaft, this was not a woman who didn’t want to be fucked, she started trying to slide the head of my cock head down to her pussy lips, but my cock was too erect, too hard and to high to contact her lips. She pulled her hands out of her panties, jumped up, grabbed the rafters above the shower, I held her ass up, she wrapped her legs around me, her panties slide down enough, to reveal the top of her pubic hair, she was thrusting her hips around and I was sliding my cock up & down through her soapy pussy hair with my head peaking out the top of the waist band every time I thrusted forward. Margaret removed one hand from rafters to pull open her panties so she could watch the activity inside her panties.

Margaret started arching her back again and lifting up, I could feel her hot, wet soapy pussy lips sliding up and down my shaft and eventually against the head of my cock, she started to wrap her lips around the head of my cock. As Margaret’s pussy lips were dancing around the head of my throbbing cock she started mumbling softly a cross between, “Please don’t fuck me and fuck me” she was torrent between what to say and do. I said, “Just say it and I’ll do it” I wanted her to give me permission or to ask for it, since she was an older woman, my buddy’s mother and I was just a kid. Margaret replied,” No, I can’t say it”, I said, “Fuck I'm releasing pre-ejaculate all over your hard clit,” and finally shouted, “You not ready.”

I pulled my cock out of her panties, fell to my knees, Margaret let go of the rafters, I slammed her against the shower wall, Margaret said, “My panties take them off”, fantastic she told me to take her panties off, I quickly removed her panties, she spread her legs, I rinsed the soap off her pussy, and started licking and eating her hot, wet sticky pussy. I thought I knew how to eat pussy, but Margaret instructed me what to do, nibble on my lips, slide my lips through your teeth, lick my clit, suck on it, tongue fuck me, so on and so on, she was teaching my how to eat pussy properly. Margaret had an orgasm into my mouth, she was instructing me to lick it up, the high school girls never had orgasms this big. I stood up, Margaret and I finally started French kissing and we played with each other. I reach over to the soap dish, grabbed the condom, I brought it up between our faces and told Margaret it was time for her to put it on me. She took the condom, open it, took the condom out, opened her mouth, put it on her lips, sucked the end of the condom into her mouth making a nice funnel shape in her mouth, she slide the condom down my body to my cock. At my cock she guided the head of my cock into the end of condom in her mouth, then she used her teeth to unroll the condom down my shaft, when she got to the base she suck on it for a few seconds, opened her mouth, came back up and began kissing me, high school girls weren’t that experienced at putting condoms on a guy. I pushed Margaret into the back corner of the shower stall, instantly she spread her leg wide apart, she jumped up grabbing the rafters again, she was spread eagle in front of me with just her belt and stockings on. I stepped forward, as I was guiding my condom covered cock to her pussy lips, when she told me to pull her belt half way down her thighs. I pulled her belt down, she told me to come up between her legs and the belt, as I was passing her pussy, I stopped for a few minutes of pussy eating. I guided my cock head between her pussy lips, grabbed her ass, she started rubbing her pussy lips around the head of my cock, in a clear loud voice she said, “fuck me.” I told her, “If want me to fuck you, you have to lower your pussy down onto my cock”, I wanted her to be instigator of us fucking. Margaret slowly sliding her pussy down onto my cock, releasing her gripe from the rafters, she reached down, grabbed her belt and slid her belt back up against my ass and pulling really hard on her belt, she said, “She love the feeling of having a young cock in her pussy.” We started fucking, after awhile she said, “She loved the fucking endurance of me”, she started pulling really hard on her belt, I could feel her belt digging into my ass, it was starting to hurt a bit, she shouted, “She loved the fucking strength of me, pound me harder like I’m a young slut.” I started pounding her really hard and fast, she was timing her pulls on her belt with my thrusts, harder and harder which intensified our fucking, she was screaming, “I’m your slut, treat me like one”, I was getting close to cumming.

Margaret shouted out, “I want it in my mouth” being a kid I didn’t know what she wanted, I asked her to explain, she replied, “I want you to mouth fuck me, cum in my mouth, so I can mole you around in my mouth, taste and eat you.” That go me really excited, no high school girl had ever let or asked me cum in their mouths. Margaret got on her knees, she bite the end of the condom, stretched it out with her teeth, tore the end off with her teeth snapping the condom back onto my cock stinging me a bite as it hit, she rolled the condom down my shaft to make a tight ring at the base. Margaret open her mouth really wide, took my cock into her mouth to the base, she closed her mouth, started sucking and I started mouth fucking her. As we mouth fucked, I could feel my cock wanting to cum, but the condom ring was helping to holding me back. Every time I was close to cumming Margaret would pull my cock deep into her mouth so her teeth where at the base, she’d bite down with her teeth on the condom ring preventing me from ejaculating and suck. I could feel my cock trying to pump my cum into her mouth, but her teeth clamp prevented it, I could feel little pre-ejaculate squirts going into her mouth, when my cock stopped pumping she would release me, continue sucking cock and mouth fucking. She repeated this pattern several times, it got to the point where my cock was pumping every few second, she was in a continuous clamp down with her teeth at the base of my cock, holding my cum back for a few minutes, she was biting harder & harder as more cum started squirting into her mouth trying to holding me back. I was begging her to release me, she finally released her bite on my cock and I started pumping cum into the back of Margaret’s throat. Margaret gagged a bit as I was pumping load after load of cum into her mouth, a few small spurts came out the corner of her mouth. When I finished blowing my loads, she continue to suck on my cock, squeezing her finger at my shaft base, running her finger up the shaft to getting every last drop out. I watched her mole my cock & cum around in her mouth for a few minutes, later I watch her swallow, eating every bit of it. Margaret slide my cock out of her mouth and said, “She had forgotten how much force young males could ejaculate with, their loads are so much bigger then older men and how it was good to taste cum in her mouth again after many years of absence.” I was thinking this was unbelievable, the best fucking I had every experienced, I had only been with girls my age, they were nothing compared to a woman.

We cleaned up in the shower, as we were getting dressed, Margaret put on a fresh bra, panties, belt and stockings she had picked up from the laundry table, as I was watching her I got horny and a big erection again. I walked up behind her, pushed her over on the table, pulled her panties down and started rubbing my hard cock up and down her clit. Margaret, said, “Yes, young men don’t need any time to recharge”, I replied, “I wanted to fuck you again, this is just the beginning, and I want to start fucking you on a regular bases.” Margaret, replied “You can’t pussy fuck me, we don’t have any condoms, but she wanted to start swinging with me regularly.” She turned, fell to her knees, I mouth fucked her again, this time she made me cum on to her tits. She then got dressed with her tits still covered with cum, after she put on a light blue dress you could see the wet cum soaking through, she said it would be dry before everyone got home and want a cum stain on her dress to remind her of what happened

Until I was about 23 years old I met regularly with Margaret once or twice a week, mostly in her bed, their bathrooms, the family van in the garage, a few times in hotels, we usually did it one or two times, she taught me so much and it was a great way for a kid to get his rocks off regularly. Later she told me she had been looking for swinging partner, because of her husband’s erectile dysfunction, the day I said, “Join Me” at that moment inside she decided, she was going to get in the shower with me, have sex with me, and she had found a swinging partner, but she wanted to play with me a bit. Margaret enjoyed watching me squirming, going out a limb, was a little shocked to see I going for it, how funny I was at trying to seduce her into the shower, the things I said, she wanted to play hard to get, want to see who could lasted the longest before giving in to going all the way, get me to be assertive with her, and sexually educate me. I always found it ironic, on the outside she was a leave it to beaver mother, but on the inside she was a very sex driven horny woman who was really into oral sex, loved being cum on, was in to BDSM which I was always the master and fucked her all bonded up, she was willing to do anything. Margaret told me her husband knew, she told him everything we did together and he understood her swinging, because of his erection dysfunction. I couldn’t confirm it, he never said anything and I wasn’t going to ask, but I suspected he knew from the looks he used to give me after that day. To this day my buddy newer knew I was fucking his mother regularly or some of my sexual tails I’d told him about where about his mother, he’d say “How come I never meet woman like that”, I’d laugh and say, “Sometimes woman like that are nearer than you think, you don’t realize it.” That Saturday so long ago, started me down the road to swing, every woman I was involved since that time had to be into swinging or the relationship wouldn’t last, even today my wife and I are swingers and I don’t think I we be into swinging if it wasn’t because of what happen with Margaret and myself so long ago.