Written by Liam

30 Jan 2007

A normal Thursday night out with the lads turned into something beyond belief. After a few hours drinking one of the lads Tony mentioned that normally on his way home he passes an old caravan park which is used as the local dogging site. He had spent many a night watching but never plucked up the courage to get too close. We all took the micky out of him and before we knew it all six of us were walking towards the park about fifteen minutes away.

I couldn't believe I was doing this but it seemed like a laugh. There were a few cars dotted about the place, one was a Land Rover with a women bent over in the back door being shafted from behind by a soldier in uniform and another pair of legs hanging out of the back which seemed to belong to the recipient of a blow job. The guy giving her one shot his load and looked at us. Come on he said get it while it's hot. My mate Steve didn't take two seconds before he had taken over and after Andy, Jason and Richard I was going next. It was almost pitch black but I slipped my cock inside her when I realized she was diving on a female soldier, I couldn't see them in the dark but I soon emptied my load and Kenny took over and did her up the arse.

I went to the front and talked with first soldier who was the female officers driver and regularly brought his mates to gang this woman. He then shone his torch in the back as I nearly fainted seeing my wife being done up the arse whilst sucking on an Army officers clit.

I kept my secret for two days before my wife Kathy asked if I was coming to the park again on Thursday?