Written by onestunnedguy

28 Oct 2006

So many have asked me on Swinging Heaven why i use the name ONESTUNNEDGUY, Well although I have explained this in the past, I have been asked to tell the story in here.

Long long ago. My marriage was simular to many others, Kids all born and raised, Our love life mundane, She had her interests with local evening classes etc, Called herself an older student.... I was happy she spent time twice a week with her friends, it gave me time to go dogging etc. I went to a place in North Wales called Broxton, A picnic area during the day, A pick up place nightly...

One night, I was enjoying being seen to by a fella near his car, It was extremely dark there but i could see several guys around a car across the way. I asked the guy with me if he knew what was going down there, He explained it was a guy who had his woman with him who came there often sucking blokes off etc. Seeing every one had left the car, I wandered over feeling a little scared but being so dark i fely fairly safe but could really see little inside the car, I took my cock out and before i knew what was happening, The rear door opened and from the front of the car, The driver, a man said. stick it her mouth... I could make out a blonde haired woman, not so young, admittingly, wearing a yellow dress and eventually i also saw her panties were yellow, She started sucking my cock, I was almost coming imeadiatly, But held on, The next thing i knew was a big guy arrived at the opposite rear car door and on opening it, Grabbed this woman, pulled her away from me and in no time was ramming her from behind, the only sound i heard was like whimpering.... I thought I better get home and left this blonde lady being screwed..

I arrived home rather flustered and went to bed early to relieve myself from the fraustration of the evening. ... Eventually my wife returned from evening class and called up to me, I told her I had an head ache, She eventualy came to bed herself and quickly fell asleep. After a while, I got up and went downstairs for a coffee, I just couldnt sleep thinking about the blonde lady.... I sat down with my coffee and accidently knocked my wifes evening class bag off, it fell and opened, a yellow dress fell out, I couldnt help myself, I looked further in her bag, Inside was wet yellow panties, a simular coloured bra and a long blonde wig....... Hence, I was one stunned guy .... Any one else ever had an experience simular?? Would be interesting to know what you did if so, Let me know ....