Written by Bazz

31 Oct 2004

I was on my way home a couple of weeks ago and was deperate for a pee. So stopped at a country park and rushed ito the trees to relieve myself. As I walked back down the sandy teck I became aware of other vehicles in the car park. There was a new white transit van and two other cars all parked close together. I went back and sat in my car and adjusted myself. The guy in the next car kept looking at me and then looking towards the van. Eventually he got out and stood at the back of the van looking in through the back window. I sensed sexual tension in the air and began to get very hard and curious. A second guy joined the other one looking into the van. I could not sit there any long. I got out of my car and joined the other two guys. I turned and looked into the van. The inside light was on. The back windows are quite high and I could not see much. Other than a guys naked chest and muscley arms. Then the side door was pushed pen and we all moved round. What we saw was very interesting indeed. The guy a builder or something in his mid thirties I would say was almost stood up. His jeans were round his ankles and his tee shirt pulled up showning a very well formed chest and a pierced nipple. His cock was hard and about nine inches long with a very shapley brunette girl locked onto it via her mouth. She was totally naked. We watched for a while as she sucked him and he

leaned forward and ondled her firm tits. She moaned as she worked on him and he grunted with satisfaction as she tried to take him deeper down her throat. I was rigid as were the other guys and son we to had our trousers round our ankles and our hands on our cocks. The couple stopped for breath and repositioned themselves. She lay on her back with her head outside the van. He knelt between her legs and lifeted her thighs and slid his cock deep inside her. The guy signalled the younges guy stood outside to step forward (he had the biggest cock) She grabbed it and licked his balls from underneath. To my amazement the guy in the van leant forward,thrust deep into the girl and took the guys cock in his mouth. I thought I was going to explode with excitement. To see this guy shagging the girl deep and hard and sucking on another guys cock at the same time was too horny for words. The guy stopped shagging. Pulled out, stood up as best he could in the van and shot his load over the girl. Spunk was shooting everwhere as he squirted and his body jerked and spasmed in climax. Then the guy she was sucking said he was going to cum. She stopped sucking and he puled out and he just let go a moan and squirted his cum over her body hitting the guy between her legs in the face. He just wiped it of with his hand and ate it. The othe guy watching and me started to emty our balls shoting torents of cum over the girl. The guy between her legs had been wanking again and swept up a handful of spunk from her chest half rubing her nipples and rubbed it on his balls and cock and proceeded to cum once more. His cock had not softened from the first time. I have never seen anyone cum in such quick succession like that ....The guy then said show over and proceeded to close the door. We pulled up our our jeans and looked at each other wide eyed and spunkless!!!!