Written by Val

2 Oct 2003

My name is Val, and I am a former air-stewardess now in my mid-thirties. I’ve been married for nearly 10 years and I’ve two children. My husband and I were at a barbecue party held by one of my former colleagues earlier this summer, when my sexual horizons started to be widened. There were about twenty people at the party and we mingled and chatted with a variety of guests. One man (his name was Rod) caught my eye several times during the evening and inevitably we ended up talking to each other.

He’d noticed that my husband was not paying much attention to me and was very attentive, getting me drinks and so on – generally behaving like a perfect gentleman. When the dancing started he was the obvious choice and when the slow dances came on we were soon pressed very closely together. In the subdued, or sometimes non-existent, lighting his hands were on my buttocks pulling me into him so I could feel his hard prick pressing into me. I felt so excited by the danger of the situation, but also because no-one had made me feel like a sexy woman for years.

When he asked me if I would like to meet him for a drink sometime, I was shocked, but soon agreed and gave him my mobile number. The evening ended and we went our separate ways. I was feeling as randy as hell by the time I got home but when I got into bed with my husband he just turned over and was snoring almost immediately. For the first time since I was a schoolgirl I masturbated until I came, thinking about Rod. It was my first orgasm for many months.

A couple of days later, Rod called me and we agreed to meet at a restaurant / hotel about thirty miles from where I lived. After a delightful lunch with a couple of bottles of wine, we were flirting shamelessly. I hadn’t realised that he‘d already booked a room so it was with some surprise and trepidation that I followed him up the stairs. Once we were in the room he took control and gently laid me on the bed and started kissing and caressing me. Slowly he undressed me until I was lying there in just my bra and thong. He stripped off and I gazed longingly at only the second penis I had seen. I was that rare commodity – a virgin – when I got married. I could feel myself getting wet even before he started kissing and licking my clit and labia.

His fingers and tongue delved into my vagina and then moved further to tease my arse hole – a definite but wonderful first for me. I always found sucking my husband’s prick an unpleasant experience, but sucking Rod’s prick was easily the most erotic moment of my life. He warned me that he was cumming but I kept my mouth over his prick, and I felt it twitch and pulse before he shot his thick white cream to the back of my throat. Some of his cum dribbled from my lips but I managed to swallow most of it – yet another first. Our fucking for the rest of that afternoon was better than anything I had ever experienced with my husband.

Between bouts of fucking, we talked about my sexual experience (or lack of it) and Rod told me he would help further my education. About a week later we arranged to meet one evening, and Rod told be to wear a short skirt and sexy underwear. I told my husband I was going baby-sitting and that I would be home very late, and not to worry. I don’t think he even looked up at me.

I met Rod at a pub some way from where I lived, and he bought me three very strong vodkas. When we left the pub about 9.30 we sat in his car, and I realised I was quite tipsy. He drove us to a secluded car park in a nearby wood. There were three or four cars there already so we parked a little way away from them. Rod reclined our seats and started fondling my breasts and kissing me. He unclipped my bra and was sucking my nipples so they were really hard, while his hand parted my thighs. His fingers slipped under the flimsy material of my thong as he played with my clitoris and as my vagina became wet he slipped one, two and then three fingers into my cunt and frigged me to an orgasm. As I was coming down from this state of ecstasy I realised that I must look a right old slapper with my blouse undone, bra unclipped and my tits hanging out, my skirt pushed up to my waist, my thighs wide apart and my feet resting on the dashboard.

“Have you ever fucked while someone watches?” Rod asked me.

“Of course not!” I replied, “That’s disgusting!”

“Well you’re being watched now!”

While we had been kissing, his head had obscured my vision, so when he moved I could see three faces peering into the car. I was horrified and immediately tried to close my legs and cover myself up. Rod kept kissing me and murmuring in my ear that I’d find it exciting, while his hand jammed between my legs continued to tantalise my clit. Gradually, the sensations on my clit and vagina increased and my body started to betray me, as my thighs slowly parted to allow his probing fingers access to my most intimate parts. As he continued, my will power deserted me and I was grinding my cunt on to his fingers completely ignoring the watching faces.

After about ten minutes Rod’s playing with my cunt had given me another orgasm while the doggers watched, and he had reduced me to the state where I abandoned my inhibitions and started to play to my audience. Rod reached across me and pressed the button to lower the window beside me. To my surprise my audience wasn’t just watching but wanking themselves as well.

“Do you want a hand?” one asked. Before I had chance to refuse, Rod simply said go ahead. One of the men opened the door and reached in and his hand joined Rod’s teasing my clit. The sensation of having two hands, one a complete stranger’s, playing with my cunt pushed to yet another peak. Another hand reached in and started massaging my breasts.

At this point control over me left Rod and passed to the doggers. The man who was groping my cunt took his hand away and lifted my legs out of the car, turning me in my seat so my back was to Rod. He then got down on his knees and with my legs over his shoulders started licking my clit and cunt. By now I was moaning loudly as waves of pleasure spread through my body from my clitoris. At first I tried to push his head away from me, but soon I was pulling his head into me, begging him to push his tongue up my cunt.

Suddenly he was pulled away to be replaced by another of the men. Another orgasm wasn’t long coming. The other man, who had been excluded so far said, “Fuck this. Let’s have her properly!”

Rod started to protest, but was cut off when they said he’d get me back when they’d finished. They dragged me out of the car over to a picnic table right by where one of the other cars was parked. One of the men reached into the car and turned the lights on. The table was full in the glare of the lights and they were pleased they could see me properly. The man who had dragged me out of the car was a big man, at least six foot four, and he dragged me to the table. I was terrified and despite his size I was struggling. When we got to the table he pushed me on to my back. One of his mates came behind me and held my arms down. Meanwhile the big guy pulled my legs towards him and positioned himself between my legs. While I watched in horror he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his prick which was soon standing to attention. I’m not sure how long it was, but he was big and so was his prick! It was thick too.

He started to wipe it up and down my cunt slit, spreading my love juice all over my cunt. Eventually he pushed forward and I felt the mushroom end of his prick force its way into the mouth of my vagina.

I screamed “No! No!” but realising that it was inevitable that I was going to be raped I begged him to put a johnny on. He waited, it seemed like an eternity, with just the bell end of his prick lodged in my cunt. I started screaming No again, but he bucked his hips and drove his prick deep inside me. My cry of No turned into a long drawn out groan of satisfaction as he filled me. I’d never had such a big prick inside me. A few long, deep thrusts stilled my struggles and soon I raised my hips towards him to allow him even deeper into me. My legs were wrapped round his hips and I kept pulling him into me with each thrust. I realised that my hands had been released but my hair was grabbed and as my head was turned I saw another erect penis in front of my face. This was shoved against my lips and automatically I opened my mouth to accept what was offered.

The big guy continued to pound my cunt and the sensations were fabulous. I lost count of my orgasms, until his thrusting started to become erratic.

“Don’t come inside me!” I pleaded but he ignored me and almost immediately thrust once more, deeper than ever in my cunt. He grunted as his hot stream of cum squirted deep into me with such force I could feel the impact as each salvo hit the top of my vagina. The sensation and the thought of this crude stranger possibly impregnating me pushed me over the edge, and I was hit by the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced.

I hadn’t recovered from this before the penis in my mouth swelled and a minute puff of salty air hit my palate to be followed immediately by copious jets of semen. He held my head still by my hair while he emptied himself into my mouth. With his other hand he held my nose forcing me to swallow every drop so that I could breathe.

The massive prick that had satisfied my cunt so completely, was withdrawn only to be replaced by the third man. Unfortunately, his prick was not as large as his predecessor’s, so this was not as satisfying for my stretched cunt or for him. Nevertheless, his fucking caused some spunk to trickle out of my cunt to collect round my arse-hole. “Let’s see if her arse is tighter,” he said and despite my protests pressed his slimmer prick against the wrinkled skin of my arsehole. I was clenching by arse to try to prevent entry but both his penis and my arse were so well lubricated that his rigid member gradually foreced its way past my tight sphincter, until it closed around the helmet. This was the first time that I had ever been buggered. The initial pain was horrendous, but he just stood still while my muscles adjusted to this intruder.

Slowly, he eased the full length of his prick into my rectum. When my moans had subsided he started moving backwards and forwards and the pain was gradually replaced by a strange but satisfying fullness. He then started circling my clitoris with his thumb, and despite the discomfort in my back passage, I felt the familiar sensations building up towards an orgasm. The tightness of my arse meant that he couldn’t control himself for long and as I felt him squirting his semen in my bowels a final orgasm hit me, and for a few moments I think I passed out.

When I came to, the men were zipping themselves up, making comments like, “That was the best for months,” and “Will you be here again?”

To my surprise, I heard myself saying that I’d be back for more. Although it had been violent, and I guess, technically speaking, I had been raped, I had never been so satisfied. Even my lover Rod had never taken me to such heights, and I thought that he’d been pretty good.

When the men had gone Rod came over to me, and shagged me rotten. He’d got so excited by seeing me used as a plaything by complete strangers, he was as horny as hell. At first I was annoyed with him, but when I reflected on the experience it had been dangerous, incredibly exciting and highly satisfying.

Did I go back? Wait and see!