Written by Mark and Jules

15 Sep 2005

hello again,

my name is Mark and the wife is Jules, we have posted 2 stories before.

Jules is 38, long blonde hair, 5"7 , size 10 with 36c breasts and very sexy/attractive. We have a good relationship with no secrets, so if something happens we tell each other.

recently we needed 2 bedrooms decorating and got a painter in. His name is Lee, about 45/50 , average build and going grey.

Jules came home at the end of the 1st day and asked me if i had been through her things and told her no. she said her underwear wasnt as tidy as she left it and her boots werent back correct.(women are so tidy).

The next day i came home mid morning to do some work, all was quiet in the house, within a few seconds i heard a drawer being slid shut and a cupboard door closing. Lee appeared at the top of the stairs and i noticed that his buttons on his jeans werent all done up. I guessed he had been having a wank over Jules' knickers.

When she came home i told her whay had happened, she wasnt angry but a grin was soon on her face. she asked if she could see what happened the next day. i agreed for her to do what ever she wanted as long as i was told.

The next and last day for Lee to turn up, i took the kids to school for Jules to put her plan into action.

She put on a white shirt blouse with a white balcony bra underneath which pushed her tits up and out, a shortish black skirt which was quite tight with a white lace thong , the one that seemed to be moved more regularly in her drawer. On her legs she had tan shiny hold ups and her black knee high boots with the 3" metal heel. She looked so sexy i wanted to fuck her myself.

She said when Lee turned up his eyes nearly popped out of his head. She followed him upstairs as he carried his gear up. when he got there she came staight out and asked him if he enjoyed looking through her underwear drawer. He tried to stammer something when she lifted her skirt to show him her thong. She asked" do you think it looks better on me?"

"Yes" he said, she called him to her and told him to feel how nice they are. He came and started to rub her pussy thro the thin lace getting all wet and ready for him. While he was stroking her and slipping his fingers into her pussy she undid his his jeans and got his cock out which she said was rock hard and about 6 inches.

She sat on the edge of the bed and started to lick the end of it before sucking him deeply into her mouth, allthe time she said she kept looking at his face. After a few minutes she stopped and turned over onto all fours and told Lee to Fuck her wet cunt as hard as he good. She said he slipped in very nicely which stetched her because it wsa quite a fat cock. As he was fucking her he kept saying how sexy she looked and kept stroking her stockings and boots. she told him to stick his finger up her arse while she was being fucked, as soon as he did this she came coving his cock in her juices.

With that she pulled away and wanked his cockinto her mouth swallowing all of his hot spunk.

She then got up , smoothed her clothes down and went to work.

That night we watched the video that had taped it all that was hidden in the open cupboard. This is something we shall do again, videoing her with other men.

needless to say the paint job was superb.