Written by bob

2 Apr 2004

Every friday night my ex wife goes to bingo,she has not missed one sesson in two years,I seen her there with her girlfriend that always goes with her.After bingo was over I decieded to follow them to see if maybe they were lovers now since she run me off. They went to her house so I parked around the block and came in tne back gate as we had a 6 ft privcy fence so I was not afraid of being caught window peeking. When I got to the window they were sitting on the sofa having a mixed drink. The girl got up to go to the bathroom and while she was gone my ex was playing with her pussy, The girl came over to her and dropped down between her legs and removed her panties and starting kissing down her belly to her very hairy pussy.my wife was in heat as she pulled her head harder into her pussy ,It didnt take her long to bring her to a climax.The girl stood up and dropped her skirt and panties and stepped forward towaeds my ex wifes face,my ex was sucking this girls 8 inch cock as she was a transexual.He She laid her down and mounted her. He fucked her hard and fast but pulled out so my ex cound swollow her load down her throat.