Written by john

21 Feb 2006

hi again, paul said to julie that he was going to put a porno on to lighten things up and then hed go in the bedrrom and let us start to play with each other and then come back in ,i asked her if she was ok and she said she was feeling horny now and didnt need to watch a porno and was looking forward to getting 2 stiff cocks up her,at this she kissed me and got my cock out and started sucking it paul came back in comleatly naked and started to undress her,she stopped him and said would he just take her nickers off and get her tits out but not fully stripp her to which he agreed and pulled her nickers off and lifted her skirt up round her waist and began to finger her while she sucked me off,i then noticed she was wanking his cock off and playing with his balls after a while he stood up and offerd her his cock to suck ,she put it in her mouth and began to get very carried away with it so to encorage her more i told her she looked fantastic sucking another cock,he then said would you mind if i fuck you with it iv had the snip and i havnt had any unsafe sex so im safe,she looked at me and said if johns ok with it i am to , he then lay her back on the couch and lifted her legs in the air above his shoulders and slid hid thick cock up her cunt realy slow,once he was right in and sure she was ok with it he got carried away and banged her harder than iv ever been able to, he realy took control and fucked her very very hard, i thought she might not be to happy but she was loving it and moaning and saying "harder harder" i was wanking off watching and loving every bit of it, he then turned her round and bent her over the couch and slammed his cock hard up her calling her a slut and a fantastic fuck she seemed to get off on this even more and screamed for him to fuck her and come up her,i went round to were her face was and wanked off realy hard and then john said he was coming and going to fill the slut up with his thick creamy spunk at that i shot my load over her face and he shot up her cunt groning and grunting that hed just filled my wife up and then she came and screamed how lovely it was, that night was fantastic and we have repeated it 4 times already with him since, shes not atall shy any more and will let him use her how he wants while i mostly watch which i like to do most, hes fucked her arse aswell the last time and the theme seems to be hes in controll and uses her how he sees fit, ill write soon with some more stuff about what happens we r seeing him this week end so looking forward to it , this is a very true story and can happen if you just take the chance and go for it all the best john.