Written by helen&hubby

9 Nov 2004

hi im helen &i have a very understanding husband who often lets me have other men visit&fuck me silly.i have been used by so many guys i gave lost count yet two men always stick in my mind,thay were ian&joe who we met on this site.we had met before hand to make sure we all got on&we did,so much so i ask them both to finger me in the lift of a shop alone as my hubby waited down staires.

the evening came for ian to pop over&i dressed in my new school uniform,he loved it&when i bent over in front of him he stuck two fingers straight into my very wet&willing fanny.my hubby said he had things to do so he left us alone which was all ian needed to make his move,he walked over&stuck his fingers in me again as we kissed i grabbed his cock out of his trousers which was nice&thick he made me cum standing there&i always cum alot so it was running down my legs he lifted me over to the sofa&pushed his meat inside me which made my cum run out he fucked me so hard i was getting nervous my hubby would hear yet lucky me he dident.

he keeped going till he was about to cum so i told him cum over my face as i do like the taste,so he did as i asked,we cleaned up&waited for hubby to return&we did it all over again.as for joe i met him alone one night in a carpark he parked next to me&he just walked over pulled me out the car dragged me to the woods&fucked the hell out of me,he dident say a word just keeped on screwing my unprotected fanny he was super,he to came over my face&then he just left me there in the woods ,shame no one else was there thay could of taken me &i wouldent of cared.im such a naughty girl