Written by bobD

26 Jul 2005

She sat alone on our bed just in a small white bra and pretty knicks waiting for a friend of mine to enter the bedroom. She niether knew or had seen Glyn before although he'd seen her with me in the pub. Glyn was I thought some twenty years older than Ruby's tender twenty four.

I'd gone a bit to far after a few pints. Glyn had seen Ruby with me the other week and told me how lucky I was to have such a sexy little hotarse for a wife. I liked her in revealing short skirts and skimpy thin tops. I admitted to liking to see the blokes oggling her knicks as she sat down. Her dark triangle clearly visible and pert little nipples showing through her top.

I as I drank I revealed more of our lifestyle along with a foto of her I'd taken after one of her late returns from a night out. She was lying on our bed, there wasn't much of her to be left to his imagination. Glyn wanted to know more, I explained that for a couple of years now she 'd with my approval been dropping her knicks for any guy she fancied usually after drinking a bit at dances. She had fun.

I must have left him something to think about over the next week along with the foto that I found he'd kept. Glyn had lost his wife somewhile back, his family was his life and at his age finding a woman was difficult. he admitted to being quite frustrated. When next I saw him, again after a couple of pints he asked If there was any chance of him meeting Ruby one night. I couldn't see her agreeing to that and told him so but he insisted I ask her. I was handed an envelope Glyn said that he thought that himself but maybe if I gave her 'that' it might make a difference. I looked inside and found fifty pounds then in 'seventy four' it was a great deal of money. I handed it back telling him she enjoyed sex with blokes she chose. He thrust it back saying give it to her, let her decide. I went home troubled.

We went to bed early and I through the envelope down on the bed for Ruby. She asked whose it was, I told her 'hers if she wanted it' she'd never had that much cash to herself before, things were tight a mortgage and two kids saw to that. I told her what had happened. She went beserk

telling me how stupid I'd been and did I really think she'd do it. I was to give it back. She asked if I wanted her to do it. I told her that she'd often had sex with other guys It turned me on, I liked her to do it and wouldn't mind Glyn fucking her. All the time we'd talked Ruby had held on to the cash and now placed it in her knicker draw.

It was getting towards the end of the week Ruby had mellowed and her anger was gone, in bed I mentioned the cash. Ruby whispered that she'd spent half of it and could I make it up. I told her no! I didn't have it. She asked what she was to do. I just said that she knew what she'd have to do. Over the next couple of days she accepted that she was going to have to take Glyn's prick and we decided between us that Tuesday night was best, Ruby would have him home in our bed.

Saturday came I met Glyn and told him, gave him our address and it was fixed for 9 pm.

I heard his car pull up and let him in. We went to the lounge and I poured him a beer, I think I was as exciited as he was nervous. I told him Ruby was upstairs in the front bedroom there were no rules she'd do whatever he wanted for as long as he wanted. Glyn pulled out a condom, I said no she doesn't like those. He'd finished his beer and I said up the stairs turn right its the bedroom to your left.

I heard the bedroom door open and close, couldn't make out what was being said but they talked a while. I sat wondering what was happening wanting to creep upstairs but thought better of it. I put the Tele on the sound low I was aware of a dull sound and looking up smiled as I saw the cieling giving slightly rythmically. He' been an hour the sound of our bed now quite plainly creaking faster with grunts and squeals. Things went quiet.

I heard doors the toilet flushed Glyn called goodnight and the front door shut.

I went upstairs the bedroom door open Ruby sat up knees apart wiping her self with a towel she was smiling and when I asked was it good? 'MMmmm' she said 'alright' I took the towel dropped my trousers and climbed between her open thighs to examine the trickle that was pooling on the sheet. Hard for a while was glad to get it in her, for me the best part was always fucking her cum filled hole As we shagged I couldn't help notice a new envelope on her bedside table Ruby slid it in her knicker draw.

Ruby was now quite comfortable with Glyn an saw him regularly going out with him to pub or dance, spreading her legs for him after in either his car, or his bed when his girls were away, until he eventually found himself a woman. The cash was a help to us Ruby chose to think of it as a regular present. I wasn't bothered just enjoyed her being returned full of his spunk. We tried after he remarried to keep a relationship going I don't think his new wife wanted to.