Written by davide

3 Jul 2006

My wife Lyn and I have been married for 18 years i am 40she is 36 we have 3 children son 17 and twin girls 16 and as i far as i knew neither of us had ever been with anyone else that is till 4 weeks ago.

My wife had recently been moved job to a larger office in the same company and and they seemed to have a very active social life.They often went out together and on occassions took their partners.Any way one of their recent nights out girls only I was up at 04 30 to go to work and as I was getting dressed in the bathroom to avoid waking Lyn I dropped a load of loose change which went in the washing basket. As I emptied it out to get the money I came across a black satin thong and when I picked it up it was damp and very badly spunk stained. I was just about to go balistsic thinking that one of the girls had left it as Lyn did not have such undies and the girls I know are not un the pill. Then I noticed that it was size 12 - 14 and both girls were size 8 but Lyn was a 12 straight away I could feel a bulge in my trousers at the thought og Lyn not ony wearing a thong but by being shagged unprotected as she was also not on the pill.I hasd to go to work but thought I would challenge her that evening.

When she arrived home she knew something was wrong as I checked her underwear as she walked past and she was wearing bright red lacy boy pants and they too were very damp in the crotch. So she had a shower and folloed her in to find her her shaving her already bald cunt and she confesses that on their recent nights out she had met up with a bloke who swept her off her feet and egged on by her work mates had gone back to his flat and in her words had mind blowing sex. She went into detail about how big he was as I was only 5'' and he was double and thick and cut were I was not.She also said that she had had oral sex and would demonstrate later.This was making my cock almost burst as she went into detail about howm many times she had come and that last night she had been spit roasted for the first time and filled by 2 men.She told me to wait as she went into the bedroom and when I followed 5 mins later she was lay on the bed in a very minute pair of shorts showing th top of her crack it was not long before my head was buried as I tasted her love juice for the first time and we came to an agreement over the future . more will follow if you are interested