Written by mac and trish

29 Apr 2004

trish ad i had been for a meal with two other couples one weekend, after eating we had over an hour to wait for our taxi so we decided to go to the pub next door for a couple of drinks. once in there baz (my best mate from the army) was having a bit of a drinking session, he'd been out most of the day after having a good win on the horses. after buying us all a drink he sat down next to trish mummbling as usual about mary his wife gone back to walse for the weekend.

anyway an hour or so passed and the taxi turned up, i asked baz if he wanted a lift home with us as he only lived around the corner. on the way home someone surgested we go back to our house for a night cap, once there baz gets comfy on the sofa and withinn 10mins hes asleep. 3/4 hour later the other couples decide its time for them to go,they tried to wake baz up but he was well away. once they all left i was tiding the glasses away when trish came behind me grabbed my cock and told me to leave them until in the morning. she undone my trousers to release my now semi-hard cock and began to lead me towards the stairs, i was just about to turn the lights out leaving baz asleep when trish dropped to her knee's and began to suck me.

i was turned on to hell at the thought of baz waking up and catching us, trish then stopped and walked off up stairs, i was right behind her pushing her faster with my rock hard cock. once in bed she told me to fuck her slowly, as soon as my cock slid into soacking wet hole she told me she was aslo hopeing baz would of woke up aswell.as i was fucking her faster now i asked did she want to go down and fuck baz while i wait up here. she had never fucked anyone else since we had met over 12 years ago and by the way here fanny juiced up i knew she wanted too. she got my cock out and told me to cum all over her tits, with which i did withinn seconds. after lying there for what seemed ages without saying a word, trish asked me if i was serious about her fucking baz. i said if she wanted to go down and fuck him, she looked at me began to rub my cock and told me to keep it hard for when she returned. i lay in bed watched her put her dressing gown on and began to go down stairs. i tried to listen if i could hear anything but my heart was pumping that fast and loud with both excitment and slight jealousy. i must of dozzed of but was awoken by trish wanking me off. she told me that baz had gone home now told me to put my had in between her legs, they where soaking wet with which she told me that that was baz's spunk i was playing with. baz had fucked her come in her mouth then fucked here again shootig his load right up her. trish now wants a repeat performance but with me joining them, but neither i nor baz as mentioned what went on. we'll just have to get him pissed again and see what happens